Week Four (January 20th–26th)

January 20th

Church today!
Today was my day to help in Children’s Church. At the Nazarene church I am a part of, we have everyone together for the singing then the kids (pre-school – grade school age) are dismissed to have a short Bible lesson (and whatever else the teacher has planned). We call that Children’s Church. We have a rotation of teachers/helpers and usually each set of teacher/helper is in there once a month.

DSCN3285 copy
I finally got a hole in one on Frisbee Golf for Wii.
My next to the oldest nephew spent the night. Him, my brother, father, and I played on the Wii (Frisbee Golf and Bowling).

I finished reading Plain Promise by Beth Wiseman (I started reading it on Jan. 15th).

January 21st

My middle three nephews didn’t have school today (Martin Luther King Jr. day), so they were here for most of the day. My brother had another doctor’s appointment (for his hand), so I had to take him. Our next to the oldest nephew went went us. When my sister got off work, I picked her up and took her and the boys home.

DSCN3301 copy
The sun starting to set while waiting for my sister to get off of work.

DSCN3302 copy
The moon through some branches of the trees in my front yard. I took this picture after I got home from taking my nephews and sister home (about 20 minutes after the previous picture).

I started reading Pain Paradise by Beth Wiseman.

January 22nd

I picked up my middle three nephews from school and brought them back to the house, then I went and got my sister from work and took them all home. I came home and got my brother and mother so we could all go to the store (and get some gas in my brother-in-law’s vehicle, which we were using). We then went to my brother-in-law’s work (to pick him up since we had his vehicle).

DSCN3328 copy
Neat looking sunset that I saw as we were leaving the store.

January 23rd

Happy Birthday to my other sister! Today she is 37 years old.

I worked on making some pendants for necklaces that I am making for both my sisters (I actually have enough chain to make a necklace for my mom and I as well). After supper my parents, brother, and I played Wii.

DSCN3344 (2) copy
One of the pendants I made. I tried to get it to look like Jane Seymour’s Open Heart. I now need to come up with a way to attach it to the chain.

January 24th

I picked up my middle three nephews from school and then later picked up my sister from work. We stopped to get them something for supper (I forgot where). Came home and got my brother and we got supper for our parents and ourselves. After supper my parents, brother, and I played Wii. I was able to finish the necklaces (all four of them).

DSCN3359 copy
Interesting looking clouds that almost don’t look like clouds.

January 25th

I made some cookies, they didn’t turn out that well. For some reason every time I make chip cookies(chocolate, butterscotch, etc.)  they turn out flat. I haven’t figured out why (I’m thinking my salt maybe old). I played some Wii by myself for a little bit.

DSCN3383 copy
A ring that I made today. I made a few more rings (a couple for my mom).
[I wore this to church on Sunday (Jan. 27th) and got it stuck on my glove, so I had to fix it a little.]

January 26th

I cleaned my room and did laundry for most of the day.

DSCN3389 copy
Nice sunset from my brother’s bedroom window.


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I'm in my 30s and I love to take pictures. I thought I'd do the whole "take a picture a day for a year" thing. I made this blog to share those pictures.
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