Week Five (January 27th–February 2nd)

January 27th

Church today!
Title of today’s messages was; “Resting About Our Finances” and the text was Matthew 11:28-29 and Proverbs 9:6. Two steps we can take in order to rest about our finances are; 1) Commitment To Living Debt Free (Proverbs 22:7, 21:5, & 21:20) and 2)Return 10% Of My Income to God (Deuteronomy 14;23, Malachi 3:8-10).
I worked on a card and some earrings for my oldest sister for her birthday (which was the 16th of January). She had to work today and was stopping by here to get something else and I decided to give her the earrings (and a necklace) that I made for her.
I had also made a necklace for my other sister for her birthday (which was Jan. 23rd) and gave it to her at church today.

DSCN3397 copy
Earrings that I made for my oldest sister for her birthday.

January 28th

I did some laundry today. I also helped my mom watch some videos online about her up coming shoulder surgery (on Feb. 12th).

DSCN3404 copy
Mike and Ike snack packs that my sister had. I guess Mike and Ike are feuding (I’m wondering if it isn’t a publicity stunt), so they crossed each other’s names off the front.

DSCN3405 copy
On the back is a brief explanation of why (one is focusing on music and another on art).

January 29th

I picked up my three middle nephews from school today. I also picked up my sister from work and took her and the boys home. I came home and got my brother and mom and we went to the store. After supper my parents and I played Wii.

DSCN3412 copy
The flag flying at my sister’s work.

January 30th

My oldest sister is having surgery today. My mom got the day off so her and I are going to be there while my sister has surgery. My brother-in-law is sick and so is my youngest nephew. They are going to the doctor since they both have been sick for awhile [they both had bronchitis]. My mom and I were there from about 8 am until 4 pm. My brother picked us up and we went to the store. After supper my parents and I played Wii.

DSCN3424 copy
The sun trying to peek through the clouds. I took this through the window of the waiting room of the hospital where my sister had her surgery.

I finished reading Plain Paradise by Beth Wisemen (I started reading it on Jan. 21st).

January 31st

Today is my brother’s 33rd birthday!
I went with my brother and sister to get supper for everyone (my sister, her family, my parents, brother, and I). After we were all done eating we played some Wii (we had to take turns since only four people can play at once and there were 9 of us).

DSCN3438 copy
My middle and next to the youngest nephews playing Just Dance on the Wii.

February 1st

I stayed up late (around 4 am) watching “Bunheads” and “The Big Bang Theory” online. I slept on and off for a few hours, got up and did my normal activities.

DSCN3452 copy
Sun shinning through one of the dinning room windows (that’s why the picture looks a little grimy).

I started reading Hero Tales vol. 1 by Dave and Neta Jackson.

February 2nd

I did some laundry today. My brother took my mom to pay a bill and I tagged along (just so I could get out of the house). My parents, brother, and I went out to eat for my brother’s birthday. He wanted to go to Fazoli’s. We came home and played some Wii for awhile. I then hemmed and fixed some pants for a woman at church. My sewing machine was acting up and I ended up having to tighten the timing on it.

DSCN3460 copy
My chicken broccoli alfredo with penne noodles that I had at Fazoli’s. It was good. I didn’t eat all of it there and took some of it home.


[I’m trying not to get too far behind on this blog. My computer needs to cooperate with me and not mess up almost every time I try to start Photoshop.]

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