Week Six (February 3rd–9th)

February 3rd

Church today!
Title of today’s message was; “What Do We Expect?” and the texts were Hewbrews11:6, Romans 1:17, Matthew 17:20, and Matthew 9:17-31. Three principles that will help us to have a faithful new year and expect God to help us are; 1) Our Needs Provide Opportunities for Faith (Matthew 9:27), 2) God Responds to Our Faith (Matthew 9:28-29, 21:22), and 3) A Strong Faith Will Take Us Far (Matthew 9:28-29).
Today was the super bowl. I don’t really follow football, but I did watch some of it. The Baltimore Ravens won.

DSCN3483 copy
It snowed (sometime overnight) and this is how much we got (as seen through my bedroom window).

February 4th

My Mom is off of work until she is cleared to go back after her surgery. She doesn’t have surgery until the 12th. My mom and I went with my brother to his doctor’s appointment. I then went with my brother to pick up our middle nephew from school (he got sick at school). I came home and did some laundry. My brother went and got my sister from work (she got off early) then he went and got her other two boys from school. He dropped them off at home and then came and got my mom and I and we went to the store.

DSCN3498 copy
The sun setting over the parking lot of the store we went to.

February 5th

I’m not feeling all that great today, thankfully my brother-in-law is off and I don’t have to watch the boys after school. I did some laundry. I played Wii with my parents and brother. My sister and brother-in-law decided to buy supper for all of us and I went with them to get it while the boys stayed here.

DSCN3510 copy
This is a game I have on my ereader and I play it a lot. This is the highest level I have gotten to. It’s called BubbleBubble Burst.

February 6th

My middle nephew was still sick, so he was here (since both of his parents had to work). I went with my brother to pick up two of our nephews from school. My brother had an appointment at 2:15 p.m. and the youngest two (of the three we normally pick up) gets out at 2 p.m.. I stayed in the car with our next to the youngest nephew while my brother went to his appointment. We then went to the library to wait for our next to the oldest nephew to get out of school. After supper I played Wii with my parents and brother.

DSCN3524 copy
A cool looking car we parked next to at the library.

February 7th

I’m not feeling that well again today. I keep getting a headache that goes away for awhile then comes back. I did some laundry and then look a nice relaxing bath. I almost forgot to take a picture today.

DSCN3541 copy
My cat plate that sits on the top of my shelf. Look at the bottom left of the plate, there is a crack (and a tiny hole). One time I was cleaning and dropped something that hit this plate and broke it. I glued it back together, but there were some really small pieces missing.

I started reading Plain Proposal by Beth Wiseman.

February 8th

I went with my mom and brother grocery shopping. My mom went with me to get my nephews from school. We went to the library while waiting for my next to the oldest nephew to get out of school. My next to the oldest nephew is spending the night tonight (so he can go with us in the morning). I played some Wii with him and then after supper played some Wii with my parents and him.

DSCN3542 copy
An interesting potato display at one of the stores we went to. It reminded me of my friend who lives in Idaho.

I finished reading Hero Tales vol. 1 by Dave and Neta Jackson.

February 9th

Today was another Teen Bible Quiz meet ( teens from various Nazarene churches compete against one another). The teens are asked questions based on a book of The Bible. This year (2012-2013) they are studying Matthew. My brother and I are help out (we are two out of six that ask the questions). The meet was at a church about an hour and a half away from where we live. My next to the oldest nephew went with my brother and I (just to watch). My mom decided to stay home.

DSCN3600 copy
Two different viewpoints of the same figurine at the church where the quiz meet was held.


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