Week Seven (February 10th–16th)

February 10th

Church today!
Title of today’s message was; “Building Our Faith” and the texts were Matthew 21:22 and Romans 10:17. Three ways we can develop a growing faith are; 1) Hear God’s Word (Romans 10:17, Luke 8:21), 2) Hear Messages (Mark 16:15, Luke 4:43-44, 2 Timothy 4:2-5),and 3) Hear Music (Psalm 18:1-3, 33:1-3, 69:30-31).

DSCN3645 copy
This is the way I did my hair for church today.

February 11th

My brother started a new job today he works 3:30 p.m until 12 a.m. My dad took him to work so that we could use the car. I picked up my sister and we (along with her three boys) went to Walmart so that her youngest two could pick out Valentine’s for their class. I picked up two different packages (I couldn’t decide which ones, so I got them both) for $.97 each. After supper I played Wii Bowling with my parents.

DSCN3651 copy
The sun shinning through some clouds. I took this in the parking lot of where my sister works.

February 12th

My mom’s surgery on her right shoulder is today. I took her and my dad to the SurgiCenter then came home and did some laundry. My brother got my nephews from school and brought them here because my sister and brother-in-law were waiting to bring my mom home. I went with my sister, brother-in-law and three nephews to the store then went and got some supper for my parents and me. Our pastor came over for awhile to visit (to see how my mom was doing).

DSCN3673 copy
The sun trying to peek out through the clouds.

February 13th

I went with my brother to pick up our nephews from school so that I could have his car to use while he was at work. Took my brother to work, then later got my sister from work. We stopped at Family Video, her oldest (my next to the oldest nephew) wanted to rent a game. I then took them home. I stopped by the library in the town I live in to pick up some items I had on hold. After supper I was making some tea for my mom and realized we didn’t have any sugar, so I had to go to a nearby store to get some.

DSCN3680 copy
The sun starting to set over the parking lot at Family Video.

February 14th

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

My middle nephew is here (he was sick, so he didn’t go to school). I went to the store for my mom (she isn’t feeling well enough to go out). I went with my brother to get my sister (she was getting off early), we then went and got some lunch and came back home. My brother went and got the other two nephews from school and took them (along with the sick nephew and our sister) home and then went to work.

DSCN3692 copy
Interesting. I’m not sure how this picture turned out this way, but it looks really cool. The sun is to the left of the stop lights and I have no idea what the blue circle is to the right of the stop light.

February 15th

Happy 61st Birthday to my Mom!

I used my brother-in-law’s van today (someone was borrowing my brother’s car). I went and got my nephews from school (well the middle three that I normally watch after school). My middle nephew wanted to watch a movie in the van (the van has a dvd player in it), but I didn’t have any with me. We went into the library for him to pick a movie, then came back out and the younger two watched it while we waited for their older brother to get out of school. I brought the boys here then I had to go get my brother-in-law (their dad) and take him from one shop to another (same shop name, just different locations). I then went and got my sister from work and we came here to figure out what we wanted for supper. I took her to go get Papa Murphy’s and then dropped her off here and went and got my brother-in-law. They all ate with my parents and me.

DSCN3696 copy
The clouds covering the sun over the parking lot at the library (and across the street from my next to the oldest nephew’s school).

February 16th

I did some laundry. I made supper for my parents and myself (it was rice with turkey smoked sausage). I also made a cake for my mom for her birthday (a day late). I made the cake from scratch and used a Duncan Hines frosting creations to make the icing a cinnamon roll flavor.

DSCN3718 copy
The cake I made for my mom. I had a silicone balloon cake pan and decided to make the cake this shape instead of a regular rectangle shaped cake.

[I’m trying to get these blogs out on time, but I end up doing other things and forgetting to write these up and post them.]

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