Week Nine (February 24th–March 2nd)

February 24th

Church today! The title of the message was, “The Urgency of Love” and the text was 2 John. Three qualities about love (that make it urgent) are; 1) Love is foundational (2 John 5, Matthew 22:37-40, & John 13:35), 2) Love Requires Obedience (2 John 6), and 3) Love is Personal (2 John 12, 1 John 4:7-8, & John 3:16).
I watched the Daytona 500 (nascar).

DSCN3889 copy
The necklace that I finished making shortly after midnight.

February 25th

I went to Walmart to pick up some medication for my dad then went and got my nephews from school (the younger two and I went to the library while waiting for the oldest one). I ran an errand for my oldest sister and then went and picked up my other sister from work. I took her and the boys home then dropped a video game off at Family Video.

DSCN3916 copy
My middle nephew at the library. He usually picks out a book and looks at it while we are there.

February 26th

I did some laundry and helped my mom make a chicken and rice casserole for dinner.

DSCN3926 copy
Trees outside the bathroom window. They were looking a little spooky.

February 27th

I went to my library to pick up some things I had on hold then picked up my nephews from school. My sister called and said someone was taking her home, so I just needed to meet her there with the boys. We ended up waiting about 20 minutes for her to show up.

DSCN3945 copy
The snow that was on the bush in my front yard.

February 28th

Picked up my nephews from school then my sister from work. I had to take her to run an errand before I took her and the boys home. I then came home and my mom and I went to the store.

DSCN3952 copy
The sun trying to peek through the clouds while I waited for my nephews to get out of school.

March 1st

My brother-in-law ended up having to work for a couple of hours. He went and got his younger two boys then came and got me (my mom went with me). We got the oldest boy (my next to the oldest nephew) and then went to run an errand for my mom. We then went and got my sister from work and I took her to run a couple of errands and then we got some supper for everyone. I ate some supper then went and got my brother-in-law from work.

DSCN3962 copy
The gear shift in my brother-in-law’s van. (I took this photo in black and white just to see what it would look like.)

March 2nd

Today was Read Across America Day at the local mall. I took my three middle nephews (My sister went with me). My oldest sister was going to bring my youngest nephew, but he ended up being sick. After the boys were done, we went and got some gas in the car (my brother let me use his) then took some stuff we had picked up for my youngest nephew to him. We then went to Walmart so that my sister could get some things. After that I took them to get some food then home. I came home and shortly after that, my parents and I went to Steak-N-Shake to celebrate my mom’s birthday (a few weeks late).

DSCN4023 copy
While on our way to Steak-N-Shake, we passed the woods and saw some deer. My dad stopped and I was able to take a few pictures of the deer. In this picture there are at least five deer.


[I haven’t been feeling well, so this got posted later than I want it to. Hope everyone had a nice Easter.]


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I'm in my 30s and I love to take pictures. I thought I'd do the whole "take a picture a day for a year" thing. I made this blog to share those pictures.
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