Week Ten (March 3rd–9th)

March 3rd

Church today!
Today we watched a video by Francis Chan. He talked about James 4:11-17. We are suppose to build each other up. When we love someone, we naturally won’t say anything negative about them (it doesn’t mean we won’t confront them).

DSCN4040 copy
This is part of what I made for supper. I saw a picture (with directions under the picture) on facebook and thought I’d try it. My mom got the ingredients to make it at the store the other day. Here is a recipe from the internet that is just like the one I saw on facebook.

March 4th

I did some laundry today and cleaned some of the living room. I helped my mom make a Tater tot casserole for supper.

DSCN4042 copy
I refilled the soap dispenser in the upstairs bathroom today and this is what it looked like after I refilled it. The soap is not marbled at all, it just looks like it every time I refill the dispenser.

March 5th

I took my mom to her bank, dropped some stuff off at the library (in the town we live in), then went to my bank. We then went to Walmart to get some medication for my dad (he gets most of his prescription medicine from Walmart). At Walmart I got some ski gloves that were on sale. We then went to another store to get something (I think we had store coupons we wanted to use). It was snowing some, but it was also time to go get my nephews from school so we went and waited for them to get out of school. The younger two (of the three I pick up) and I went into the library that is across the street from their older brother’s school for a few minutes. It was snowing even harder by the time the oldest one got out of school. I carefully drove home and my dad was the one that got my sister from work and took her and the boys home (I hate driving in snow). I did shovel the driveway and brushed off the car before my dad left.

DSCN4066 copy
The snow in my neighbor’s backyard as seen through our upstairs hallway window.

March 6th

My brother-in-law was off today. I shoveled snow and cleaned off the car again today. I did some laundry, played some in the snow, and took a short walk (around the block). I helped my mom make supper (pork steaks, mac-n-cheese, mix veggies, and corn).

DSCN4084 copy
Ice hanging off the back of my brother’s car.

DSCN4096 copy
My attempt at making a snow angel in the backyard.

March 7th

My middle nephew was sick and stayed home from school (he was here since his parents were working). I picked up the youngest (of the three that I pick up) and then we both went into the library while we waited for the oldest to get out of school. I picked up my sister and took her to run a couple of errands and get something to eat for her and the boys. I then stopped and got something for my parents and me for supper. After supper my oldest sister called and said her fridge wasn’t working (it hasn’t for a few days). She was worried because my youngest nephew (her son) had just gotten some medicine from the doctor (he has been sick) and it needed to be stored in the fridge. My mom told her she could borrow our mini fridge, so my parents and I took it to her. We stopped at a store on the way back and got some ice cream.

DSCN4126 copy
My next to the youngest nephew wanted to play outside in the snow. I found all the snow stuff and let him play outside for a few minutes. Here he is all ready to go outside (he ended up with a scarf because he didn’t like this ski mask).

March 8th

I did some laundry today. I went and got my younger two (of the three I pick up) from school and then picked up my brother (he was at a friend’s house). While I was on my way to pick up my brother, he got a call from his work saying he didn’t need to come into work today. We then went to the library and waited for the oldest (of the three) to get out of school. When we got back to my house, my youngest nephew was there. He had stayed home from school since he was still sick. His parents (my oldest sister and brother-in-law) went to get a new fridge and stove and didn’t want to take him (since he was sick), so he came to my house. The boys all played some Wii. I went with my brother to get our sister from work. We stopped and got some supper on the way back home. My next to the oldest and youngest nephews ate supper with us. After my youngest nephew left my dad, brother, next to the oldest nephew, and I played some Wii. Then my brother took my next to the oldest nephew home (He stayed the night there).

DSCN4155 copy
My youngest nephew playing Wii. I think he was doing boxing here. (My mom is sitting on the couch watching him).

March 9th

I cleaned some in the basement. I went through some clothes to see if they still fit my youngest nephew. I cooked pizza for supper and after supper I made some brownies. I also did some laundry.

DSCN4174 copy
For some reason this is the only picture I took today (the sun shinning through one of the bedroom windows).


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