Week Eleven (March 10th–16th)

March 10th

Church today!
Title of today’s message was, “The Urgency of Responsibility” and the text was Jude [it’s only one chapter, for those that didn’t know]. Three areas we to be responsible for (according to Jude) are; 1) Don’t let anyone (or anything) get between you and Jesus (Jude 17-19), 2) Don’t let anything get between you and spiritual growth (Jude 20), and 3)Don’t let anything get between you and showing mercy (Jude 21-23, Matthew 5:7).
I sat outside in my mom’s swing and read for a little bit after lunch.

DSCN4178 copy
Clouds that I saw on the way home from church.

I finished reading Plain Proposal by Beth Wiseman which I started reading on February 6th. I started reading The White Pine Chronicles (The Covenant, The Inheritance, The Dream-three books in one) by Hilda Stahl.

March 11th

I did some laundry today. I went with my brother to pick up our nephews (the middle three). We (the younger two, my brother, and I) went to the library while waiting for the oldest of the three to get out of school. My brother didn’t have to work so he went and got our sister and took her and the boys home. He then came and got me and mom and we went to the store.

DSCN4187 copy
My next to the youngest nephew looking through some cds at the library.

March 12th

My sister got off early (around noon), so I went and got her from work and took her home. My brother picked up the boys and took them home then went to work. I did some laundry and helped my mom make chili.

DSCN4190 copy
The sun peeking through some clouds, this was when I went and got my sister from work.

March 13th

I did more laundry today (It’s never ending). I also made a red angry bird for my youngest nephew for his birthday (in a few weeks). I helped my mom make supper (sausage and eggs with cheese in the skillet).

DSCN4201 copy
The red angry bird I made today. Here’s the pattern (I didn’t come up with it).

March 14th

The boys had a half day of school. My brother picked them up and dropped them off here. Later I took my brother to work (so that I could use his car). My mom and I stopped at a store then went and got my sister from work. We then went and ran a few errands and got supper for my parents, nephews, and me. My brother-in-law came and got my sister (from my house) so they could go to parent-teacher conferences. My mom and I watched the boys while they went. I worked on a blue angry bird (for my nephew) and some boxes for Easter (for my nephews). 

DSCN4222 copy
The pretty looking sky as I was headed home after we ran our errands.

March 15th

The boys didn’t have school today. It was nice enough that we played outside for a little bit today. The oldest (of the three that were here) left at around 1:30 p.m. to go to a teen thing with the teens from church. My mom and I had to go to my youngest nephew’s school (about 30 minutes away) to pick up his homework (he had been sick and missed almost the whole week). I took my brother to work, went to my mom’s bank, the library in our town, and to a medical supply store. My mom needs a pulley for her therapy and was told to go to the medical supply store. It took longer there than we thought and they needed verification from workman’s comp in order for her to get it (she didn’t get it today). We then went and got my nephews (they were at the house with my dad) and picked up my sister from work. I took my sister to run a few errands then dropped her and the boys off at my brother-in-law’s work (since it was close to the time he got off).

DSCN4238 copy
Wildflowers blooming in the backyard (they were gone about a week later when it snowed).

March 16th

My mom and I went to a garage sale (got some books). We then ran some errands and went shopping. I worked some more on the blue angry bird. I decided to make some ‘take out’ boxes for Easter baskets for my nephews and worked on them today. I bought a ‘take out’ box at Walmart today and I’m using it as a template to make the ones for my nephews.

DSCN4249 copy
At one of the stores we went to I thought about buying these for Easter, but realized that they were too small for the items I was giving to my nephews for Easter.


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