Week Twelve (March 17th–23rd)

March 17th

Church today!
We watched another video by Francis Chan. In this video he talked about getting real with God (Psalm 51). He said we (as a society) have gotten so use to lying that we even lie when we pray (we rationalize it out so that we feel better). He said it’s time we get real with God.
This evening I got an e-mail from someone from church letting most of us (those that this person had e-mails for) that a lady that attended our church a lot committed suicide. This lady was about a year younger than me and leaves behind four kids (ranging from the ages of almost 2 to 18). She had been suffering from mental illness for awhile and was on medication for it. Thankfully two women from church was able to be at the hospital during her last few moments alive (she was brain dead, but they believe she heard what they were saying).

DSCN4253 copy
Picture of the shortest time it has taken me to win at Solitaire on my ereader.

March 18th

My middle three nephews are on spring break this week and it’s not going to be nice enough for them to be outside. Our goldfish (Patrick) died today. I don’t think I will get anymore fish for awhile. I had to go pick up my sister during her lunch hour and take her to run an errand. My oldest sister also needed me to run an errand for her, so I did that at the same time. I picked my sister up and took her (and the boys) home after she got off of work. I also finished one of the Easter ‘baskets’.

DSCN4257 copy
Here is the finished Easter ‘basket’.  I made it out of poster board. I used a ‘take out’ box (that I bought at Walmart) as a template for the ‘basket’. I painted it using chalk board paint that I made myself. Click here to see how to make chalk board paint.

March 19th

My brother-in-law was off, but my sister had a doctor’s appointment, so the younger two boys were here for about an hour (their oldest went with them). I took my mom to pay her health insurance (since she hasn’t been working and is on workman’s comp, it doesn’t come out of her pay check like it normally does). We went and ran another errand and then went to the store to get some juice for my brother, since he is sick. Shortly after we came home my mom got a call that her pulley she needs for physical therapy (she had surgery on her shoulder) was approved by workman’s comp. We went to the medical supply store to get it.

DSCN4265 copy
One of my favorite candies, but it doesn’t last long. I did share some with my brother.

March 20th

I picked up my sister early (around noon) from work since she is sick. Took her and her boys home. I dropped some stuff off at both libraries (the one in the town my sister lives in and the one in my town). I also did some laundry.

DSCN4267 copy
The sky as I was going to pick up my sister from work.

March 21st

I finished the blue angry bird that I have been working on for my youngest nephew for his birthday. I took my brother to work then picked up my sister from work. I took her to Walgreens so that she could get some medicine (prescription) for her and one of the boys. The visitation for the lady from church (see Sunday) is tonight in a town about 40 minutes away. My mom, sister, brother-in-law and I are all going. We stayed there for a couple of hours visiting with some of the people that were there.

DSCN4281 copy
Some kind of statue and a cannon that was near where the visitation was. I didn’t have time to go and see it up close and it was dark when we left.

March 22nd

I had to go and pick up my youngest nephew’s backpack from the bus barn in the town where his school is. He left it on the bus yesterday and there isn’t school today. I took my brother to work, dropped my youngest nephew’s backpack off at my oldest sister’s work, and then picked up my sister from work. I dropped her and the boys off at their house. This weekend (today and tomorrow) is Finals for Teen Bible Quizzing that I help out with. It’s at a church that is about an hour away. My mom went with me so that I wouldn’t have to drive home tonight by myself (I’ve never driven that far at night).

DSCN4293 copy
The sky as I was driving to the town where the Finals were. Yes, I know I shouldn’t be taking a picture while driving. I made sure no one was near and I slowed down a whole lot and quickly took the picture.

March 23rd

More Teen Bible Quizzing this morning (needed to be there before 8 a.m.. My mom went with me so that I could have company while driving. Got back home around 2 p.m.. Tonight is a concert called Winter Jam in a town near where I live. My brother-in-law came and got me. He had a friend from work and my next to the oldest nephew (his oldest) with him. We went there and met up with my brother and his friend and stood in line with them (we ended up not sitting with them, not enough room where they wanted to sit). [Winter Jam doesn’t sell tickets, you just pay at the door. So everyone waits for hours outside to try and get good seats.] My oldest sister met us there (after we found seats) with my youngest nephew and her husband’s cousin.

DSCN4372 copy
The disco ball that was used looked so cool that everyone was taking pictures of it (at about the same time).


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