Week Fourteen (March 31st–April 6th)

March 31st

Happy Easter!

Church today! Today’s message was titled, “Jesus Is the Answer” and the text was Acts 10:34-43. Three key points of the message were; 1) Jesus came to bring us peace (Acts 10:34-36, Romans 5:1, Colossians 1:19-20, & John 14:27), 2) Jesus came to be our example (Acts 10:37-41), and 3) Jesus came to be our judge (Acts 10:42-43, Colossians 2:9, & Philippians 2:6-8).
My brother-in-law got out of the hospital this afternoon (he had been there for a couple of days). The boys were glad they could spend some of Easter with him.

DSCN4532 copy
This is me and my youngest nephew. I pulled him to me and said, “we need to take our annual picture together.” He didn’t want to and made this face while I took the picture.

April 1st

Happy 14th Birthday to my next to the oldest nephew.

He (my next to the oldest nephew) wasn’t feeling good. I ended up taking him and my sister (his mom) to the doctor so they could check him out. The tests came back negative for strep [He ended up just having a virus]. I’m still not 100% better, my ears are still hurting. My nephew ended up spending the night here.

DSCN4544 copy
This is the back of one of the chairs in the waiting room of the doctor’s office.

April 2nd

[I’m not sure all that I did, I forgot to write anything down.]

DSCN4545 copy
The sun as seen through one of the downstairs windows (notice the smudge of dirt almost in the middle of the picture-on the outside of the window).

April 3rd

I took my mom to the store. [I really need to write down more that I do each day.]

DSCN4547 copy
The sun setting in the parking lot of the store my mom and I went to.

April 4th

My mom went back to work today. The doctor ok’d her to go back to work in the cafeteria, not her regular job as a housekeeper. I did some laundry and hung it up outside [I love the smell of clothes after they dry outside.] I went and got my sister from work, my mom went with me (we had my brother-in-law’s van). I took my sister to run an errand then went and got some supper for her and the boys. I dropped them off at their house, dropped some items off at the library, then went back to my house to get my dad. My parents and I stopped and got some supper on the way to get my brother-in-law from work.

DSCN4551 copy
As I was driving from my sister’s house to the library, I saw this. A horse drawn wagon. There were four horses. I couldn’t get a better picture since I was driving and there was a lot of traffic. I haven’t seen one of these on the road in a long time.

April 5th

I went with my dad to go get my brother’s car (my brother is helping some people move to Florida and we are borrowing his car while he’s away). I did some laundry again and hung it up outside. I went and got the boys (my middle three nephews) from school. The younger two and I went to the library while waiting for their older brother. I came home for a few minutes then took the boys to the library (in my town) so that my next to the oldest nephew (the oldest of the three) could get a DVD. I then went and got my sister from work and took them all home.

DSCN4554 copy
The sun setting while I sit in my mom’s swing and read. I have to turn around to see the sun since my mom’s swing faces the other way.

April 6th

There was a Home and Garden show in the town near where I live. My mom and I went and looked around for awhile then went shopping at a few stores. I cleaned some in the living room and dinning room since we are having a birthday celebration tomorrow for my youngest and next to the oldest nephews. I sat outside and read some and then finished a baby pig for my youngest nephew. I wrapped his present and the present for my next to the oldest nephew.

DSCN4577 copy
These are what I made for my youngest nephew for his birthday. Here is where you can find the pattern for these (I didn’t come up with them).


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I'm in my 30s and I love to take pictures. I thought I'd do the whole "take a picture a day for a year" thing. I made this blog to share those pictures.
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