Week Fifteen (April 7th–13th)

May 7th

Church today! Today was my day to help in Children’s Church.
After church we had a celebration here (at my house) for my youngest and next to the oldest nephews’ birthdays. One was March 28th and the other was April 1st. It was just family (my parents, two sisters, one brother-in-law and my four youngest nephews).

DSCN4587 copy
We had cupcakes instead of cake. We couldn’t find 14 candles (or even a one and a four), so they just shared the number six candle.

I finished The White Pine Chronicles (three books in one) by Hilda Stahl which I started reading March 10th.

April 8th

I did laundry, but didn’t hang it up outside since it looked like it might rain. I took my mom to her bank after she got off work. I then went to my bank and Walmart to get gas (we were going to get gas on Saturday-April 6th-but the pumps weren’t reading the gas cards). I sat outside after supper and read.

DSCN4627 copy
A bunny that was in the driveway when I was leaving to take my mom to her bank. The bunny didn’t move until I started backing out of the driveway.

I started reading An Amish Gathering (three short stories) by Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, and Barbara Cameron.

April 9th

I did some laundry and hung up some of the clothes outside. I went and picked up my middle three nephews from school. The younger two and I went to the library while waiting for the oldest one to get out of school. I picked up my sister from work and took her and the boys home. I then stopped at the library in my town and picked up something I had on hold. I read some outside then helped my mom make supper. I highlighted my hair with regular hair dye and a highlighting cap. I was trying to get blonde highlights, but it turned out reddish. 

DSCN4634 copy
My middle nephew (front) and my next to the youngest nephew (back) looking for books at the library.

April 10th

I did more laundry (I do laundry almost everyday). I took my sister back to work (she was working a split shift, got off at 11 am and had to be back at 5 pm). My mom went with me so that we could run an errand. The boys stayed here (with my dad) until their dad got off of work.

DSCN4648 copy
This is a Christmas ornament, but I use it as a wall decoration.

April 11th

I went and got my middle three nephews from school. I picked up the younger two then went to my oldest sister’s work to get a check for something she had ordered from someone. I picked up the oldest (of the three) and then went and picked up what my oldest sister had ordered. I came home for a little bit then picked up my sister from work. She needed to go to a few places, so I took her to those before taking her and the boys home. I came home, got my mom, and we went to get supper for us (my parents and me).

DSCN4651 copy
My ice cream I had for dessert, Butter Pecan.

April 12th

I did some laundry and cleaned my room. I also read a lot.

DSCN4654 copy
My hair clip sitting on my laptop table.

April 13th

I took my mom to the ATM then we went to a couple of garage sales. We came home and got my mom’s paycheck (it came in the mail) then went to the bank. I took my sister to run a few errands (my mom stayed at her house with one of the boys). I dropped my sister back off at her house and my mom and I went grocery shopping. I bought my mom and miniature rose bush for Mother’s Day (I know it’s early, but I liked the colors of the roses so I got it).

DSCN4658 copy
The clouds with the sun trying to shine through them.


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