Week Nineteen (May 5th–11th )

May 5th

Church today! Today was my day to help out in Children’s Church.

DSCN4885 copy
My three youngest nephews right before Church started.

May 6th

My brother had a job interview in a town about an hour away, so we had to borrow my brother-in-law’s van to get his boys from school. I did some laundry and hung it up outside. I also worked some more on a card for a girl I used to watch. I also started to make a couple of book marks for her.

DSCN4889 copy
Some geese at my brother-in-law’s work.

May 7th

I did some more laundry and hung it outside to dry. I read outside in my mom’s swing. My brother was here (to fix the fence around the garden). After he was done we went and got some supper for us and our parents. I finished the bookmarks I started yesterday.

DSCN4911 copy
The sun shinning around the clouds.

May 8th

Happy 14th Anniversary to my Oldest sister.
My oldest sister’s van has been acting up and they were having someone fix it. She would need a ride to work and someone would have to drop her youngest off at school. I went to their house and followed my brother-in-law to the place the van was getting fixed. I then took him back home, picked up my nephew and oldest sister then dropped my nephew at school and took my sister to work. I did laundry and hung it outside to dry [I love it when it’s nice enough to do this]. I also read some in a lawn chair in the sun and also in my mom’s swing.

DSCN4919 copy
The bookmarkers (well, the bottom of them) that I made for a girl I used to watch.

May 9th

I picked my sister up from work then took her to pay a bill. I dropped some stuff off at the library then we came back here. My sister and her three boys ate supper here with my parents and me. My brother-in-law picked them up after he got off work. My Mom and I went to the store shortly after they left.

DSCN4933 copy
The sun shinning over some interesting looking clouds. I thought the clouds looked a little like waves.

May 10th

I picked up my middle three nephews from school. While waiting for the oldest of the three, the younger two and I went to the library. I picked up my sister from work and took her to meet our oldest sister at FedEx Office. My oldest sister was mailing something to her oldest son (my oldest nephew) and my sister gets a discount.

DSCN4939 copy
Some books at the library. I looked through 13 Buildings Children Should Know and there were some buildings I didn’t even know.

May 11th

I took my mom to run a few errands then went and got my brother-in-law’s van so I could take my sister (along with the boys and my mom) to run some errands (we all don’t fit in my brother’s car). After that I took my sister and the boys home then went and got my brother’s car. My mom and I then went to the grocery store.

DSCN4942 copy
Very low clouds. They looked low enough to reach out and touch.


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I'm in my 30s and I love to take pictures. I thought I'd do the whole "take a picture a day for a year" thing. I made this blog to share those pictures.
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