Week Twenty two (May 26th–June 1st)

May 26th

Church today!
Today’s message was titled, “How We Can be a Great Church”. Three characteristics of a great church are; 1) An Atmosphere in which God has freedom to move (Acts 2:1-4), 2)Gets the attention of outsiders (Acts 2:5-13), and 3)Proclaims the message of salvation (Acts 2:21,37-39).

DSCN5254 (2) copy
The flower I wore in my hair to church.

May 27th

Happy Memorial Day.

I went with my mom to the store to get a few things. My dad was going to grill out, but it rained. I helped my mom with supper.

DSCN5258 copy
My mom and I found these at Walmart and they are so good (I like peanut butter and chocolate together).

May 28th

Happy 19th Birthday to my oldest nephew!

I did some laundry. I also played some Wii with my next to the oldest nephew (he’s done with school-8th grade). I picked my sister up from work and took her to the Sprint store to see if my nephew’s phone was in (he was getting a new one and they had to order it). It wasn’t in due to the holiday yesterday. I then ran an errand for my oldest sister and then took my sister and her boys home.

DSCN5269 copy
I was outside and saw this in my backyard right behind my house. I was hoping it wouldn’t crawl(slither-whatever snakes do) into the house (it didn’t). About an hour later my middle nephew saw it in the neighbor’s driveway.

May 29th

My parents and I went and signed a new lease at the relator’s office (my next to the oldest nephew went with us since he was done with school). I got the slip-n-slide out and the boys played on it (as well as in the sprinkler). I picked up my sister and took her to the Sprint store (they had the phone today). I then took her and the boys home. My brother and I went and got our dad’s medicine and then got some supper. I cleaned part of the air conditioner (for the upstairs hallway). My brother ended up taking it apart so we could clean the inside. I helped my brother put it in the window.

DSCN5325 copy
The sky on the way to the Sprint store.

May 30th

My middle and next to the youngest nephews are having promotion from 5th grade today. [They are in the same grade because the middle one didn’t get to start school on time when he was five.] The school was having each class do their own individual program so we (my sister, brother-in-law, brother, and I) had to rush from one room to the next (thankfully their rooms were across the hall from each other). I played some Wii with my brother and next to the oldest nephew. We (my mom and I) went and got some food (from the store) and gas.

DSCN5359 copy
The sky I saw on my way home from getting gas.

May 31st

My brother took me to the library here in town so I could return some things and pick up some items. I played some Wii. My mom and I went to her work for a retirement party for one of her co-workers. I helped make supper.

DSCN5374 copy
A squirrel in the backyard looking like he is posing for me.

June 1st

I did some laundry. I went grocery shopping with my brother and mother. I cleaned my room a bit then played Wii with my dad, brother, and next to the oldest nephew. I made cards for my three middle nephews. [Tomorrow-June 2nd-we’re having a promotion celebration for them (8th and 5th grades).]

DSCN5384 copy
The front of the card I made for my next to the oldest nephew.

DSCN5395 copy
The inside of the card I made for my next to the oldest nephew.


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I'm in my 30s and I love to take pictures. I thought I'd do the whole "take a picture a day for a year" thing. I made this blog to share those pictures.
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