Week Twenty Four (June 9th–15th)

June 9th

Church today!
Today’s message was titled, “A Crash Course in Worship” and the text was Psalm 95. Three areas of importance as is relates to us pleasing God in worship are; 1) The Importance of Us (Psalm 95:1-6, 122:1), 2) The Importance of Participation (Psalm 47:1, 63:4, 2 Samuel 6:14-15), and 3) The Importance of Attitude. Come with an attitude of Thanksgiving (Psalm 95:1-2, 100:4), Submission (Psalm 95:3-7), and Expectation (Psalm 95:7-11).

DSCN5653 copy
The clouds that I saw after church.

I finished reading The Bridesmaid by Beverly Lewis which I started reading on June 4th. I started reading The Guardian also by Beverly Lewis.

June 10th

Today my brother-in-law is having surgery on his tonsils. The doctors are also removing some black areas in the back of his throat. My brother was watching the boys for most of the day. They came here for awhile and we (my brother, three middle nephews, and I) played some croquet in the backyard. After they went home (my brother-in-law ended up staying overnight, but my sister went home with her boys) I read some outside.

DSCN5664 copy
This is the order in which we finished the first game of croquet we played (From top to bottom; me, my brother, my next to the oldest nephew, middle nephew, next to the youngest nephew).

June 11th

I did some laundry and hung it up outside after the guys that mow were done. It looked like it might rain, so the clothes weren’t outside for very long. I went and ran a few errands. I read outside for a little bit after supper.

DSCN5716 copy
One of the many squirrels that come into the yard. This one was eating some bird seed that fell onto the ground.

June 12th

I did some more laundry today and hung it up outside. I read outside some even though it was in the 90s today.

DSCN5732 copy
A cloud that was in the sky today near my house. I thought it looked like a giant cotton ball.

June 13th

I hung up clothes that were in the washing machine. I also ran some errands for my mom. My mom and I got supper from Dairy Queen and brought it home. After supper I read some outside. My brother and sister (also my sister’s three boys-my middle three nephews) came and picked up my dad. They were all going to get my oldest nephew from where he has been living for the past 10 1/2 months (a few states to the southwest-over 12 hours away). My mom and I went to Walmart to get some snacks.

DSCN5754 copy
One of the tiger lilies that have bloomed in the front garden area.

I finished reading The Guardian by Beverly Lewis which I started reading on June 9th.

June 14th

I went to the library to pick up some more books to read. I drove around and took some pictures of sculptures that are in the town I live in. I walked around a park in the town I live in and took pictures there as well (there are also sculptures there). I came home and fixed supper (it needed to be baked, but I waited to bake it until later). My mom and I went to a park (different from the one I went to earlier) and walked around there. We came home and I baked supper. After supper I read some outside.

DSCN5868 copy
While walking around the (first) park I saw a deer about 50 feet in front of me. I continued walking and saw it move into the woods. This is the deer, it didn’t go far into the woods. I looked for another deer, but didn’t see one.

I started reading One Tuesday Morning by Karen Kingsbury.

June 15th

Happy Anniversary to my sister and brother-in-law!

I got woke up at around 6 am by my oldest nephew. They [see June 13th for the list of who] were back from picking him up and he wanted to say hi (and give me a hug). I fell back to sleep for a few more hours after that. I did some laundry. I had to take something to my sister’s house. My oldest nephew was staying there so he could surprise his little brother at church in the morning. I took him to go see his mom (she was working and wanted to see him before tomorrow) then took him to get some pizza for those at my sister’s house (my sister, brother, brother-in-law, my three middle nephews, and him). My mom and I then went grocery shopping.

DSCN5991 (2) copy
My oldest nephew hugging his mom (my oldest sister) outside her work.


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