Week Twenty Six (June 23rd–29th)

June 23rd

Church today!
Title of the message was “Power To Succeed”. We can succeed [accomplish all that God wants us to] because we are given; 1) The Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8), 2) A Vision for the Future (Acts 2:17), 3) A message that Changes Lives (Acts 2:38-39), and 4) A Belief that God can do Anything (Acts 2:37-43).
I picked my brother up from work (my mom went with me). We went and got a few items from the grocery store then got supper.

DSCN6401 copy
My shirt I wore after church today.

June 24th

I did some laundry. I read some outside in my mom’s swing until it looked like it might rain. I watched the lightening from the back door. It rained for a few minutes.

DSCN6415 copy
Clouds that I thought looked interesting. I took this picture a few minutes before it rained.

June 25th

I went with my brother and mom to run a few errands this evening. It was raining really hard the entire time we were out (FYI, if we didn’t need to go out, then we wouldn’t have). I then went with my brother to get something he left at our sister’s. It was still raining then.

DSCN6418 copy
Interesting looking weed that is near our garden area in the backyard.

I finished reading One Tuesday Morning (which I started reading June 14th). I started reading Beyond Tuesday Morning. Both books are by Karen Kingsbury.

June 26th

I played Candy Land with my middle three nephews. I picked up my sister from work and took her and the boys home. My mom and I ran a couple of errands then picked up my brother from work. I read some outside for a little bit.

DSCN6430 copy
Some kind of insect that was on the outside of the car window. I didn’t see it until I got inside the car.

June 27th

I ran a few errands then came home and did some laundry. I also read some outside.

DSCN6442 copy
A cardinal sitting on our fence.

June 28th

I watched a movie with my middle three nephews (Madagascar 3). I then ran a few errands and dropped my brother off at work. I came home and had lunch with my nephews then fixed the slip-n-slide for them to play on. While they played, I cleaned out the Step2 pool and then filled it up so they could play in it (I attached the Step2 slide to it so they could slide into the pool). I hung up some laundry outside. I picked up my sister from work and took her to run a few errands then get supper. I went to the library in their town to wait until my brother got off. He called right when I was entering to say he was off early, so I went and got him.

DSCN6475 copy
Do you see the worm? It came up out of the ground while the boys were playing on the slip-n-slide.

June 29th

We (my mom, brother, next to the oldest nephew, and I) were going to go to some fireworks, but it rained a lot and they were postponed (to Sunday-June 30th). We played Wii for a little bit and then went to a couple of parks to walk around (it wasn’t raining too hard then). We came back to the town I live in and got some supper then some Ice cream.

DSCN6554 copy
One of the parks we went to has a waterfall. I love waterfalls.


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I'm in my 30s and I love to take pictures. I thought I'd do the whole "take a picture a day for a year" thing. I made this blog to share those pictures.
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