Week Twenty Nine (July 14th–20th)

July 14th

Church today!
Today was my day to help in Children’s Church.
I picked up my brother from work. I also read some outside.

DSCN6985 copy
The sky I saw while in my backyard today.

July 15th

My brother’s car isn’t working. It won’t start. He took it to our mechanic and the mechanic can’t look at it for another week. My brother-in-law took me to run a few errands.

DSCN7002 copy
A new bud (foreground) on my mom’s rose bush and a slightly older bloom (background). This is the bush I bought her for Mother’s day this year.

July 16th

I went and stayed at my sister’s apartment (with my three nephews) waiting for someone to come and fix their air conditioning. While I was there I cleaned up a bit for them. Someone was suppose to be there by noon and around 11 am nobody had shown up yet, so we left. We came here and I let the boys play in the sprinkler and step2 pool. I did a load of laundry. I picked my sister up (I was using my brother-in-law’s van) from work and took her and the boys home. My mom and I ran a few errands then went and got my brother-in-law from work.

DSCN7019 copy
My middle three nephews playing in the step2 pool and sprinkler.

I finished reading Even Now (witch I started reading on July 2nd) and started reading Every Now and Then. Both are by Karen Kingsbury.

July 17th

I did some laundry and hung it up outside. I also read some outside. After supper I decided to get out the ‘big’ pool, air it up and fill it up with water.

DSCN7040 copy
The ‘big’ pool being filled up with water. This pool is about 2 feet tall, 6 feet wide, and 10 feet long.

July 18th

My middle and next to the youngest nephews played in the pool. Some of the water had leaked out. There is a crack near the plug and I thought I fixed it, but I guess not. I picked up my sister and took her to get some band aids for her oldest. I talked her into getting some duct tape so I could fix the pool. Then I took her to work (she was working a split shift). My mom and I went and got supper for the boys, my dad, and us. After supper I fixed the pool and then read outside for a little bit.

DSCN7043 copy
My next to the youngest and middle nephews playing in the pool.

July 19th

My youngest four nephews were here. I got out the sprinkler and let them play in it as well as the pool. I pointed the sprinkler so that some of the water would get into the pool. At one point I put the sprinkler in the pool, so the pool would fill up faster. After lunch the boys played in the pool again (the duct tape seems to working=no leaking). I picked up my sister from work and took her to run a few errands then took her and her boys home. My youngest nephew is spending the night.

DSCN7060 copy
My youngest four nephews playing in the pool. They were trying to make a whirlpool.

DSCN7080 copy
This looks sums up how I felt all day=crazy. This is my youngest nephew acting silly while playing in the pool.

July 20th

My mom and I (along with my youngest nephew) ran a few errands then picked up my sister (and her three boys). I took my sister to a meeting she had. She gave us money for lunch for the boys, so we stopped on the way home and got them something. After they were done eating I let them play in the pool. I played with them. My oldest sister came to get my youngest nephew, but he didn’t want to leave. I told her I would take him home later. I dropped him off on my way to pick up my sister from her meeting. I then went to my brother-in-law’s work to get him and then he took my mom and me home.

DSCN7089 copy
Some interesting sculptures that I saw in the town where my sister lives.


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