Week Thirty (July 21st–27th)

July 21st

Church today! Today’s message was titled, “The Power of God’s Word”. Three reasons why God’s word is Powerful; 1) It’s Qualities-Eternal (1 Peter 1:23) & Alive (1 Peter 1:23, Hebrews 4:12-13), 2) It’s Effect- On our minds (Hebrews 4:12) & On our actions (2 Timothy 3:16-17), 3) It’s Potential (Acts 19:13-20)-Personal victory (Acts 19:18-19) & Church growth (Acts 19:20, 6:7, 12:24).

DSCN7116 copy
Meet Aggie and Papa, my youngest nephew’s sock monkeys. He said they had to share a seatbelt in the van.

July 22nd

I picked up my brother-in-law from work at 3 p.m (about three hours early) since him and my sister had a meeting they had to go to. I cleaned up my backyard some. My sister and brother-in-law came and got their boys. I helped my mom with supper. After supper I read outside sitting in my mom’s swing.

DSCN7137 copy
I made some sun tea today. Here it is, sitting on the kitchen counter, ready for me to add some sugar.

July 23rd

I met my oldest sister at her work to give her something (my mom and middle three nephews went with me). I then picked my sister up from work and we went to the store so she could get some groceries. I took my sister and her boys home then my mom and me went and ran an errand. I picked up my brother-in-law from work and he took us home. I helped my mom make supper. After supper I read for a little bit outside.

DSCN7168 copy
Blooms on the tomato plant. Maybe we’ll have some tomatoes soon.

July 24th

I picked my sister up from work and took her to the library in her town so she could pick up something she had on hold. I then took her and her boys home. I came home and read some outside. I love to read outside sitting in my mom’s swing.

DSCN7192 copy
I made this bird feeder today. I used an old juice container.

July 25th

I did some laundry and hung it up outside. I also read some outside. I cleaned some of my room.

DSCN7194 copy
A rabbit that was in my backyard today.

July 26th

My dad had a heart cath [I think that’s what it’s called]. My mom and him were gone most of the day. My brother-in-law picked them up and brought them home. I did a load of laundry and was going to hang it up outside, but it started to rain. I went with my sister and brother-in-law to get something for supper.

DSCN7209 copy
Some animal (most likely a squirrel) walked through the step2 pool.

July 27th

I spent most of the day cleaning my room. After supper my mom and I went for a walk to the park.

DSCN7219 copy
Clouds over the trees at the park.


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I'm in my 30s and I love to take pictures. I thought I'd do the whole "take a picture a day for a year" thing. I made this blog to share those pictures.
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