Week Thirty Two (August 4th–10th)

August 4th

Church today!
Today we watched a video from Louie Giglio. He spoke from Isaiah 6:1-7.
My brother got off early and I went and picked him up. We came home and had something to eat then we went to the same town as yesterday (August 3rd). The celebration was still going on and they had another Christian concert. I went to the lady where my mom and I bought our rings and got one for my oldest sister. Then we watched the concert.

DSCN7379 copy
Clouds as we were going to the town about an hour away.

DSCN7386 copy
This is a picture that my youngest nephew drew (with a little help from my next to the oldest nephew) during church. My youngest nephew gave it to me to give to a friend of mine that he has met before.

August 5th

I woke up with a headache. My brother went and got my sister from work. Him and my oldest nephew came back here. I went with them and my mom to run a few errands. After supper my brother took my next to the oldest nephew home.

DSCN7475 copy
My brother playing some type of hockey with our three middle nephews in the backyard.

August 6th

Today was a lazy day for me. My brother took me to the library to return some items and to pick up a cd I had on hold. I took the trash to the curb.

DSCN7501 copy
I’m not sure what kind of flower these are, but they grow wild near the edge of the yard.

August 7th

I empty out the pools. I dropped some items off at the library in the town where my sister lives then dropped my next to the oldest off at his house (his dad was picking him up there to go get registered for school). I picked up my sister and took her to work (she was working a split shift). I came home and started to clean the pools out. I went and got my brother from work then came home and cleaned the pools some more. My brother-in-law came and got his younger two after he finished registering his oldest for high school.

DSCN7505 copy
My middle three nephews playing on the swing-set. They were not getting along when I took this picture.

August 8th

My brother’s brakes on his car were sounding terrible and my dad didn’t want to drive it. He had my brother-in-law come get him and we used my brother-in-law’s van to do our errands. When my brother woke up (he didn’t have to work) he worked on his car (him and my dad went and got the brakes and things they needed). I fixed the tear in the ‘big’ pool (put some duct tape and super glue on the under side of it). I used my brother-in-law’s van and got my sister from work. I took her to run an errand then took her and her boys home. I then met my brother (& mom) at my brother-in-law’s work so that I could leave his van there. My mom, brother, and I went and ran a few errands then went home.

DSCN7516 copy
The ‘face’ tree in the town where my sister lives. This is in someone’s yard and the fist time my nephews saw it I didn’t believe that it looked like this.

August 9th

I did some laundry and hung it up outside. I read some sitting in the sun. I cleaned the pools and some of my room. My brother took me to Target so that I could get a new memory card (they were on sale and I wanted to get one before the sale was over). We also got some gas in his car.

DSCN7521 copy
Three books that I like. They are geared towards kids, but I think they can speak to anyone.

August 10th

My brother and I went to a town about an hour away for a kick off for Teen Bible Quizzing. It was a time for the teens to get to know each other before the quizzing year starts. The adults got together and gave tips for coaching a team and  helping out as officials.

DSCN7533 copy
Clouds in the sky over some corn fields.


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I'm in my 30s and I love to take pictures. I thought I'd do the whole "take a picture a day for a year" thing. I made this blog to share those pictures.
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