Week Thirty Four (August 18th–24th)

August 18th

Happy 40th Anniversary to my parents!

Church today!
Today’s message was titled,  “I Am Light” and the texts were John 9:5 and Matthew 5:14-16. Four challenges that Jesus gives us to be light are; 1) Be Visible (Matthew 5:14), 2) Be Bold (Matthew 5:14-15, Acts 13:46-47), 3) Be Active (Matthew 5:14-16, Ephesians 5:8-9), and 4) Be Influential (Matthew 5:16). What do people see in your life that reminds them of Jesus?
After church I went with my parents for lunch to celebrate their anniversary.

DSCN8247 copy
The sky as the sun was setting when I went to pick up my brother from work.

August 19th

My middle three nephews start back to school today and my mom is on vacation this week. I took my mom and Dad to my dad’s doctor appointment then took my brother to work. I went back and got my parents. I did some laundry. I ran an errand for my oldest sister then went and got my other [also older than me] sister from work and took her and her boys home. I then picked up my brother from work. I had to then run another errand before coming home.

DSCN8251 copy
The sun trying to shine through the clouds as I waited for my sister to get off work.

August 20th

My mom went with me to drop my brother off at work so that we could run some errands. I did some laundry then went and got my sister from work. I took my sister and her boys home then went and got my brother from work. We needed some garlic bread for supper (my mom had forgot to get it yesterday) so, my brother and I went to Schnucks to get some.

DSCN8265 copy
One of the many pictures I took of the ‘blue’ moon tonight.

August 21st

I cleaned some of the playroom today. I went and got my sister from work then took her and her boys home. After supper I went through some boxes in the basement (mostly clothes that use to be my oldest two nephews).

DSCN8281 copy
My favorite poster in my room. I love Precious Moments (although I don’t have any figurines).

August 22nd

I can’t remember all that I did today, since I didn’t write anything down. I probably did some laundry.

DSCN8288 copy
One of the unique looking tomatoes on our tomato plants.

August 23rd

Another day I forgot to write anything down. I know I went to the store with my mom and brother.

DSCN8292 copy
I took this on our way home from the store through the window in my brother’s car.

August 24th

My mom, brother, and I are going to a free Christian Concert in a nearby town. We went and got some money out of the ATM and then dropped my dad’s chair off for my brother-in-law to use. We asked my oldest sister if my youngest nephew wanted to come, he did. She also went with us. We went and got them and then went to the town where the concert was. The town had a carnival there and after the concert my brother bought tickets for my youngest nephew to go on a few rides. I went on one with him. On our way taking my oldest sister and youngest nephew home we stopped at Dairy Queen and got some ice cream.

DSCN8317 copy
My youngest two nephews enjoying the concert. My brother-in-law came with his oldest and youngest to the concert. [I edited this picture in Photoshop so you couldn’t see the people in the background.]


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I'm in my 30s and I love to take pictures. I thought I'd do the whole "take a picture a day for a year" thing. I made this blog to share those pictures.
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