Week Thirty Seven (September 8th–14th)

September 8th

Church today!
Today’s message was titled, “A Biblical Success Story” and the text was Psalms 1. Three characteristics of a Biblical Successful Person are; 1) They Don’t Follow the Crowd (Psalms 1:1), 2) They Have a One-track Mind (Psalm 1:2 & Joshua 1:8), & They Have a Trail-resistant Faith (Jeremiah 17:8). 
I walked over to the hospital with my mom to get my dad’s prescription medicine from the pharmacy there. Later I picked up my brother from work.

DSCN8554 copy
The flower I wore in my hair to church.
[Sorry about my messy hair, I took this picture after church.]

September 9th

I worked on some pants my oldest sister needed for a wedding. They needed hemmed and had a small hole that needed fixed.

DSCN8559 copy
My oldest sister gave me this bear one year for Christmas. It was a gift for watching my nephew. It sits on my bed.

September 10th

I did some laundry and hung it up outside. My middle nephew dropped his glasses on the floor at school and the ear piece broke (actually the hinge broke). I tried to supper glue it, but it didn’t hold. My sister stopped at the eye place and they are ordering him a new pair [I think they ended up just fixing his a few days later]. My brother was off so he picked up my sister from work, took her by the eye place, and took her and her boys home. My brother-in-law called and needed someone to drive him home since he was feeling dizzy. My brother dropped me off at my brother-in-law’s work and I took him home. My brother picked me up and we went and got supper for us and our parents. I also finished fixing my oldest sister’s pants.

DSCN8561 copy
I picked some of the tomatoes from the garden (I didn’t want any animal getting them). I sat these in the window so that they would ripen.

September 11th

I did some laundry and hung it up outside. I fixed one of my shirts (it needed hemmed after I had shortened it). I also started working on some pants for a lady from church (she needed a hole mended).

DSCN8567 copy
My Thomas Kinkade bunny that hangs from my ceiling in my bedroom.

September 12th

I did some more laundry, but didn’t hang it up outside since it looked like it might rain. I picked up my sister from work, ran a few errands, then took my sister and her boys home. My mom and I went to the store. My dad got my brother from work. My brother-in-law went to the ER, he is having kidney problems.

DSCN8577 copy
The sun setting on the parking lot of the store my mom and I went to.

September 13th

I did some laundry and hung it up outside. My sister was off (so she could be with her husband). My brother got my middle three nephews from school and brought them here. I went with them so they could see their dad in the hospital. I then got my brother-in-law’s van out of the ER parking lot. My mom, sister, and I (my nephews went with us) went and ran some errands then I took my sister and nephews home. I finished mending the pants for the lady from church.

DSCN8580 copy
The sun behind some clouds that I saw on the way to the hospital.

September 14th

Today was the first Teen Bible Quiz of the season. My brother and I went and helped out. It was in a town that is about two and a half hours from where we live. My mom, brother, and I went to the store after we had gotten home.

DSCN8635 copy
The sun setting in the sky when we went to the store.


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