Week Thirty Eight (September 15th–21st)

[The device where I stored my journal of what I did each day isn’t working right now, so I’m unable to write all that I did each day. I’m going to have to use my pictures to recall what I did each day, except for Sunday’s message info-my notes are kept in my Bible.]

September 15th

Church today!
Today’s message was titled, “Finding Forgiveness” and the text was Luke 15:11-32. In order to find forgiveness, we need to take the following three steps; 1) Recognize That We Need Forgiveness (Luke 15:11-18), 2) Return Home to God (asking God for forgiveness) (Luke 15:17-20a), and 3)Receive God’s Forgiveness (Luke 15:20-24, John 3:16).

DSCN8645 copy
This was the hair band (it’s a small one) that I used in my hair this morning. I sat it down on my laptop stand and put my hand down on it. When I moved my hand I saw that the band was stuck to my wrist like this.

September 16th

[I gathered from pictures that] I sat outside some and read in my mom’s swing. I’m not sure if I did any laundry.

DSCN8660 copy
The sun setting through the trees in the side yard.

September 17th

Happy 39th Birthday to my brother-in-law [he’s married to my older sister].

[I gathered from pictures that] I sat outside some and read in my mom’s swing. I’m not sure if I did any laundry.

DSCN8668 copy
The cupcake that I brought home from church [the church gets left over pastries and bread from Panera]. It was red velvet cake with a brownie on the bottom.

September 18th

[I gathered from pictures] that I watched the squirrels play around the backyard. I’m not sure what else I did.

DSCN8674 copy
One of the squirrels that were playing around in the backyard. I think he paused to snack on something he found.

September 19th

I made some zucchini bread and I sat outside in my mom’s swing and read for a little bit.

DSCN8681 copy
The zucchini bread that I made today.

September 20th

I think I ran some errands with my brother (and maybe my mom).

DSCN8686 copy
The sky as I saw it through the car window.

September 21st

I did some laundry (not sure if I hung them up outside or not). My parents, brother, and I played Wii (bowling and frisbee). I made a birthday card for a little girl that goes to my church.

DSCN8698 copy
The inside of the card I made. I did write a greeting on the yellow square before giving the little girl the card.


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I'm in my 30s and I love to take pictures. I thought I'd do the whole "take a picture a day for a year" thing. I made this blog to share those pictures.
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