Week Forty (September 29th – October 5th)

[The device where I stored my journal of what I did each day isn’t working right now, so I’m unable to recover what I wr0te. I’m going to have to use my pictures to recall what I did each day, except for Sunday’s message info-my notes for that are kept in my Bible.]

September 29th

Church today!
Today’s message was titled, “Forgiving Others” and the text was Matthew 18:23-35. Forgiving others is not justifying their actions, trusting the passage of time, denying that you are hurt, or personal revenge. The Biblical Process of Forgiving Others; 1) Remember (how much God forgave you) (Isaiah 1:18), 2) Release (the person) (Matthew 18:32-35 & Romans 12:17-19), 3) Re-establish (the relationship-as much as you can) (Romans 12:20-21), and 4) Repeat (the process) (Matthew 18:21-22).

DSCN8788 copy
I must have gone to the store sometime today because this is the sunset over a parking lot of a store.

September 30th

I went to the library with my brother [I can’t remember if my dad went with us]. Later I made some cookies (look at the pictures below). My brother and I took the toddler bed mattress we were storing to our oldest sister. We met her at her work.

DSCN8790 copy
I saw this box at the store and wanted to see how they tasted. FYI; there is no caramel to spread on the top of the cookies, but they still taste good.

DSCN8791 copy
Here are what my cookies looked like. I had some caramel spread (for ice cream) that I put on a few cookies.

October 1st

I knitted most of the day. I think I started to clean out the craft room and try to organize my yarn. [After a few days I had to put cleaning and organizing the craft room on hold for awhile-other things came up.]

DSCN8805 copy
I did so much knitting (more than I have in awhile) and my wrist ended up hurting, so I put this on to help.

October 2nd

Yesterday I started making booties for a friend of mine’s baby and I finished them today. I just need to find the right buttons to put on them. I’m not sure what else I did.

DSCN8813 copy
One of my cat figures (I have lots). This one sits on the top of my shelves.

October 3rd

While cleaning out the craft room I found a puzzle that I had started (and left on a board). My mom and I (my brother helped some) put the puzzle together. There was a missing piece [I found it the next day].

DSCN8814 copy
The sun starting to set through a tree.

October 4th

(I’m not sure what all I did today.) I went to the store with my brother and mom.

DSCN8825 copy
The sun setting. Look at the right side of the picture and see part of a rainbow.

October 5th

We (my parents, brother, and I) went to my youngest nephew’s soccer game. I think we got breakfast before we went to the game. We met my oldest sister and my oldest nephew there. After the game my brother took our oldest nephew to see his girlfriend. She is attending a college about an hour and a half away. When they got back we had supper and then we (my mom, brother, oldest nephew, and I) played Wii. I made some pumpkin cookies. This is where I got the recipe from. I also did some laundry.

DSCN8833 copy
My youngest nephew watching to see if the soccer ball was coming towards him.

DSCN8837 copy
I had some icing that I drizzled on top of the Pumpkin Cookies I made.


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I'm in my 30s and I love to take pictures. I thought I'd do the whole "take a picture a day for a year" thing. I made this blog to share those pictures.
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