Week Forty Three (October 20th–26th)

October 20th

Church today!
Today’s message was titled, “ Growing Closer“ and the text was Luke 2:52. Basic Questions we have to answer if we want to grow spiritually are; 1) Am I Saved By God’s Grace ( John 5:24 & Ephesians 2:8), 2) Do I Want To Grow (Matthew 5:6), 3) Will I Discipline Myself To Grow (1 Timothy 4:7-8), and 4) How Do I Respond To Tests, Trails, and Temptations (James 1:2-4).
After church I was in my room and noticed that my ereader wasn’t on and wasn’t plugged in. I plugged it in and pushed the on button and it only went to the brand logo. –UGH (that was where I stored my journal of what I did each day). I picked up my brother from work and we came back here and ate supper. We (my brother, oldest nephew, and I) took my nephew’s girlfriend back to college.


DSCN9121 copy
The sky near where my brother works.

I am now keeping a ‘journal’ or what I do each day on my laptop.

October 21st

I did some laundry and hung it up outside to dry (it’s in the low 50s so it will take longer than normal to dry). I went with my brother to drop our oldest nephew off at his mom’s work. We stopped and got some gas in the car on the way to her work. On the way home we got some supper for our parents and us. I crocheted some spiders for my nephews for Halloween, I just need to put some legs (and maybe some string for ‘hooks’). I picked most of the tomatoes off the vines since there is a frost advisory for tonight.

DSCN9142 copy
The sun setting behind a tree in the parking lot at my oldest sister’s work.

October 22nd 

I dropped some stuff off at the library here in town (with my brother). We then went to the library in the town next to ours and got some dvds from there. I went with my brother to go pick up our oldest nephew and take him to the Marine office for training. His mom will pick him up. We then stopped at a craft store to pick up some floss for our dad (he cross-stitches).

DSCN9148 copy
Salted Carmel Shake from Arby’s that I got sometime today.

I finished reading A Time To Embrace by Karen Kingsbury (which I started reading on September 19th). I started reading The Secret Keeper by Beverly Lewis.

October 23rd

I did some laundry, this time it was too cold to hang it up outside. I went and ran an errand for my oldest sister and went to the store with my mom and brother.

DSCN9156 copy
The setting as we (my mom, brother, and I) went to the store.

October 24th

I finished the spiders for my nephews and hung them up between the living and dining rooms. I started knitting a hat for my oldest nephew for Christmas.

DSCN9168 copy
The spiders that I made for my nephews for Halloween.

October 25th

I worked some on the hat I started yesterday and knitted another one for him (just because). This one is a New York Jets hat. I did some cleaning in the hallway upstairs.

DSCN9175 copy
Here’s the New York Jets hat that I made for my oldest nephew. It’s a little big for him.

October 26th

Today was a soccer game for my youngest nephew (a playoff game). We (my parents, brother, and I) got some breakfast before going to the game. My next to the oldest nephew came home with us. We (my mom, brother, nephew, and I) went and ran a couple of errands then stopped at a Frozen Yogurt place. We ran a few more errands then I dropped my nephew and brother off at my sister’s house. My mom and I then went shopping. I knitted a cup cozy for my mom to use on her water bottles that she takes to church.

DSCN9203 copy (2)
My youngest nephew got to be the goalie for a little bit during the soccer game.  His Team won and now they will play in the Championship game tomorrow (October 27th).

[I blurred out the name of his team on his shirt. No one reading this needs to know. I try to keep some privacy about my family and me on here.]


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