Week Forty Six (November 10th–16th)

November 10th

Church today!
Today we watched a video by Francis Chan. He talked about Ephesians 3:14-19. The goal is to be filled with all the fullness of God. He said we have two responses. 1) To get on our knees and pray for people to really understand the love of God and 2) Pray that we ourselves fully understand the love of God.
After lunch my oldest nephew and his girlfriend wanted to go to the mall for a little bit. So, we went there and walked around. I played Candy Land and Scene It DVD with my brother, nephew, and nephew’s girlfriend. I went with my brother and nephew to take my nephew’s girlfriend back to the college she attends. Before we left we had to go get some things from the store for my oldest sister and drop it off to her. My nephew’s girlfriend had left her key to her dorm at my oldest sister’s house. She got it when we dropped the stuff off at my sister’s house. We then took the girlfriend back to college and my oldest nephew home. When we got back home my brother and I noticed that part of our front fence was down. My brother went to look at it and noticed that the upright piece was broke. He fixed it as best he could then.

DSCN9629 copy
Candy Land with my brother, oldest nephew, and oldest nephew’s girlfriend.

November 11th

Happy Veterans’ Day to all those who have served in the armed forces.

I had to fix the time on my pictures since the 3rd of November because I forgot to change the time on my camera. In some cases the date was wrong on the picture because I took the picture before midnight, but the camera thought it was after midnight. I’m not sure of what all  I did today.

DSCN9650 copy
It snowed this evening. It’s the first significant amount of snow we have gotten this season.

November 12th

I went with my brother to run some errands. I crocheted a TMNT mask for My middle nephew. I thought about giving it to him for his birthday, but decided to wait and give it to him for a Christmas gift along with a hat.

DSCN9662 copy
Me, wearing the TMNT mask I made for my middle nephew. The pattern can be found here.

November 13th

I ran some more errands today (went to the store and bank with my mom and brother). I’m not sure what else I did.

DSCN9668 copy
A light at the bank we stopped at today.

November 14th

Happy 13th Birthday to my middle nephew!

My oldest nephew was here so that my brother could take him to fill out some job applications. He ended up using the internet to fill most of them out. I did some laundry. My brother got called into work for a few hours and when he got back I went with him to drop something off at my sister’s house.

DSCN9689 copy
The almost full moon we had tonight.

November 15th

Happy 36th Birthday to me!

My oldest nephew was here again today. This time he needed someone to take him to a job interview. I started knitting a dinosaur for my middle nephew for his birthday. He likes dinosaurs.

DSCN9694 copy
Nice sunset as seen from my bedroom window.

November 16th

I went to the store with my brother and mom. I also did some laundry and finished the dinosaur for my middle nephew.

DSCN9712 copy
The Dinosaur that I knitted for my middle nephew for his birthday. Here is the pattern.


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