Week Forty Seven (November 17th–23rd)

November 17th

Church today!
Today’s message was titled, “Producing Thanks” and the text was 2 Corinthians 8:1-9. God expects us to be thankful people. In order to produce/reproduce thanksgiving, think about; 1) The Motivation of Thanksgiving-thanksgiving is generous (2 Corinthians 8:1-2), thanksgiving is also voluntary (2 Corinthians 8:3-6), and 2) The Measure of Thanksgiving (2 Corinthians 8:7-9)-thanksgiving is excelling (2 Corinthians 8:7), thanksgiving is sincere (2 Corinthians 8:8, and thanksgiving is sacrificial (2 Corinthians 8:9).
I started crocheting another dinosaur for my middle nephew today.

DSCN9726 copy
A leaf I found at church. The background is the skirt I was wearing.

November 18th

I worked some on the dinosaur that I started yesterday. I did some laundry and went through some VHS tapes to see what was on them since they weren’t labeled.

DSCN9780 copy
The sun setting as seen through my bedroom window.

November 19th

I went to the ER parking lot to get my brother-in-law’s van. He was in the ER to have them look at a sore near his eye. I finished crocheting the dinosaur for my middle nephew and started knitting a snake. I went with my brother to get our three middle nephews from school. We stopped at the library in the town they live in to return some items and we picked up some more. I raked some leaves out of the driveway. Later I went with my brother to get supper for everyone here (our parents, the boys,and ourselves). I took the trash to the curb.

DSCN9805 copy
The Dinosaur that I made for my middle nephew. Here is where I got the pattern for this dinosaur.

DSCN9825 copy
A pretty sunset.

November 20th

I did some laundry. I took some clothes over to the hospital for my brother-in-law. They had kept him overnight. I stopped and talked to my mom and she bought me some lunch from the hospital cafeteria. I took it with me and ate it at home. I went to the store (using my brother-in-law’s van). I ran some errands for my older sister (since her husband was in the hospital). I left my brother-in-law’s van at my brother’s work and picked up his car. My brother was going to go to our older sister’s after work.

DSCN9831 copy
The sun over part of the hospital as I took clothes to my brother-in-law.

November 21st

I did some laundry and read some today.

DSCN9834 copy
My stuffed monkey that hangs from my t.v. stand.

November 22nd

I took my brother to work. My oldest nephew went with me (his mom had dropped him off at my house on her way to work). We got some gas in the car then we went and got my oldest nephew’s girlfriend from the college she attends. On our way home we stopped at the mall. There was a store my nephew’s girlfriend wanted to go to. She was hungry so we stopped at Dairy Queen on the way to my house. My mom went with me to get my brother from work. After supper we (my dad, brother, nephew, and nephew’s girlfriend) played Harry Potter Scene It. I asked the questions to the other four. I went with my brother to take our nephew’s girlfriend back to college. We got some gas in the car and stopped at my nephew’s house so he could get some clothes for Saturday (he was spending the night here).

DSCN9869 copy
Harry Potter Scene It with my dad, brother, oldest nephew, and nephew’s girlfriend.

November 23rd

I took my oldest nephew to the Marine office for training. My older sister and here family stopped by here and I gave my middle nephew the dinosaurs I made for him for his birthday. I did some laundry and then my mom and I went to the store and ran some errands. We came home and I went to get my nephew from the Marine office and my brother’s car wouldn’t start. My brother came out and check it out, but it still wouldn’t start. I texted my nephew to see if he could get a ride here. One of the sergeants brought him here. My brother did a search on the internet to see about getting his car started. He tried a couple of things and the second one worked, but the battery had died. I played Harry Potter Scene it with my brother and oldest nephew.  When my oldest sister came to pick up my nephew, she jumped the car. I helped my mom clean some of the kitchen. I went with my brother to drop some items off at the library. I did some laundry.

DSCN9902 copy
The sun as I was headed back home after running errands with my mom.


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I'm in my 30s and I love to take pictures. I thought I'd do the whole "take a picture a day for a year" thing. I made this blog to share those pictures.
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