Week Forty Nine (December 1st–7th)

December 1st

Church today! today’s message was titled, “Thanks Doing”. Actions we can do to live a life of thanks doing are; 1) Say it Often (Philippians 1:3 & 1 Corinthians 1:4), 2) Use it Often –enjoy your blessings (Mark 10:52, 5:18-19), and 3) Pass it on Often (Genesis 12:2). 

DSCN0083 copy
These are the earrings I wore to church today. A friend of mine gave them to me for my birthday one year.

December 2nd

I did some laundry. I cleaned some in the living to make room for the Christmas tree. I put up the tree and put the lights on it along with the angel topper.

DSCN0105 copy
My tomato was shaped like a heart. This was one of the tomatoes from our garden.

December 3rd

My laptop randomly shut itself off while I was watching a DVD on it today. I restarted it and it worked fine for awhile then did it again. I guess I’ll get the cooling fan on it so that hopefully it doesn’t happen again. I put garland on the tree and put plastic candy canes on the fence out front. I went with my brother and mom to run some errands. We then picked up my oldest nephew and took him to the Marine Office for training. We ran a few more errands then got something for supper and took it home to eat.

DSCN0121 copy
My brother saw these at the store and we decided to buy them. They taste so good.

December 4th

I cleaned up the backyard since it was nice outside and I wanted to get it done before we get a lot of snow. I put some ornaments on the tree and worked on my gift for my mom. I also cleaned and reorganized the top of the entertainment center and read some.

DSCN0136 copy
Our CHRISTmas tree topper.

December 5th

I did some laundry then took my brother to work. My oldest nephew went with me (his mom had dropped him off on her way to work). We went to go visit my nephew’s girlfriend at her college. We had to go back to my house since my nephew left a gift for his girlfriend there. We stopped for gas then went to visit. I sat in a lounge area and read and crocheted while they spent some time together. I picked up my brother from work on the way home. I went to the store with my mom, brother, and nephew. After supper I went with my brother and nephew to the video store.

DSCN0170 copy
Scarf I worked on today. I made up my own pattern.

December 6th

I worked on my mom’s gift and hung up some Christmas decorations. I helped my mom make dinner then after sinner went with my brother to return the videos to the video store.

DSCN0184 copy
Bells we have in one of our front porch windows. The middle one doesn’t blink.

December 7th

I did some laundry. I went with my brother so he could get some oil for his car. We ended up doing a couple of errands. I got out the rest of the Christmas lights and my mom helped me put up some icicle lights on the fence outside. I hung up some lights in the dinning room. I read some and worked on my mom’s gift.

DSCN0202 copy
The front of the house with all the lights on.


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I'm in my 30s and I love to take pictures. I thought I'd do the whole "take a picture a day for a year" thing. I made this blog to share those pictures.
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