Week Fifty (December 8th–14th)

December 8th

Church today!
Today’s message was titled, “Living Christmas”. In order to make Christmas a celebration not a chore we need to live Christmas. First, Living Christmas involves Acceptance (Luke 1:26-38), Second, Living Christmas involves Obedience (Matthew 1:18-25), Third, Living Christmas involves Worship (Matthew 2:1-12), and Fourth, Living Christmas involves Publicizing (Luke 2:1-20).
After church my parents and I stopped by a store so we could get something my dad needed for one of the Christmas projects he is working on. We then stopped at the store so we could get some items for lunch.

DSCN0217 copy
The earrings I wore to church today. A friend game me these one year (I’m not sure if it was for my birthday or Christmas).

I finished reading Angel Song by Sheila Walsh (which I started reading November 9th).

December 9th

I did some laundry and worked on my mom’s gift. I realized that about half-way through it I had reversed it (the front was now the back). I now need to decide what to do. I went with my brother and oldest nephew to run some errands. After supper we (my parents, brother, oldest nephew, and I) went to a women’s basketball game at the college in a nearby town.

DSCN0284 copy
My brother won this for getting the trivia question right.

I started reading Song of the Brokenhearted by Sheila Walsh.

December 10th

I started working on and finished my dad’s gift. I read some. I went with my brother to return some DVDs to the video store and some items to the library. I took the trash out.

DSCN0304 copy
My gift for my dad for Christmas-hand warmers. I used this pattern as a guide.

December 11th

I decided to make a new gift for my mom (I’m going to use this pattern). I read some and did some laundry. My brother-in-law came and got me and took me to run a few errands. Later I went to the store with my brother and mom. On the way home we went through a park to look at the Christmas lights they have. My laptop turned itself off even though I had a cooling fan on it. I tried to restart it, but it turned itself off during the restart. Thankfully I was able to do a repair thing on it and it started just fine.

DSCN0322 copy
I saw these cookies at the store and decided to buy them so I could try them. They are yummy (if you like gingerbread).

December 12th

I read some and worked on my mom’s gift. I started crocheting a hat for my middle nephew. I ran out of yarn and I don’t have anymore of that color. I did some laundry.

DSCN0326 copy
The hat I am crocheting for my middle nephew. I used a flyer that I picked up from a craft store. It’s a Red Heart (yarn from coats and clark) pattern. Here is the online version.

December 13th

I read some then worked on my next to the youngest nephew’s Christmas gift. I went with my dad to get my youngest nephew’s homework since he had been sick the past few days. We dropped it off at his house. I ran some errands. It started snowing as I was heading to the last errand. Later I went with my parents to get my brother from work. We stopped to get something to eat on the way home. The roads were getting worse. My brother drove home since my dad didn’t feel comfortable driving in the snow.

DSCN0337 copy
My brother making a small snowman on the top of his car.

December 14th

I did some laundry and helped my mom arrange her nativity sets. I crocheted a TMNT mask for my next to the youngest nephew and finished his hat. I worked some on my mom’s gift and read some.

DSCN0362 copy
The hat and TMNT mask I crocheted for my next to the youngest nephew. The pattern for the TMNT mask can be found here. I used the same hat pattern I did for my middle nephew. [See December 12th above for link.]


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