Week Fifty Two + Three days (December 22nd- 31st)

December 22nd

Church today! The Children and Teens performed an original play today.
After church my parents, brother, and I went out to eat. We dropped my brother off at work then went to exchange some picture frames that my mom had gotten (to use with the gifts my dad was making). We then went to the grocery store to get a few things. I knitted some on my oldest nephew’s hat after we got home.

DSCN8743 copy
Some of the decorations and musical instruments that were used for the Christmas program.

December 23rd

I figured out that I was going to make my youngest nephew an angry pig hat (I had make the hat last week). Now, I’m making the snout, ears, and eyes for the pig. My youngest nephew was here for a little bit today while his parents went and ran some errands. We played some on my computer. My middle three nephews came around the same time my youngest nephew was leaving. The middle three are staying here while their parents go Christmas shopping (they are also spending the night). I played The Big Bang Theory game with the boys (they had brought it with them). My next to the oldest nephew helped me make cookies (using my cookie press). I finished my oldest and youngest nephew’s hats.

DSCN8843 copy
Some of the cookies I made with my cookie press. I decorated them with Christmas sprinkles.

December 24th

CHRISTmas eve!

I worked some on my mom’s gift. My brother-in-law came and got the boys and took me to run an errand. I cleaned the living room and some of the dinning room. I wrapped most of the gifts. I crocheted some snowflakes for my mom and dad (I finished the last one after midnight).

DSCN8860 copy
The hat that I made my youngest nephew.  The pattern for the base of the hat came from  this website. The pattern for the eyebrows, eyes, and snout came from this website and the pattern for the ears I got from this website.

December 25th

Merry CHRISTmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!

My mom is on vacation for a week. I made a cheese ball for our celebration later today then I wrapped the rest of my gifts. I helped my mom with the preparation of the rest of the food we were going to have (snack foods like cheese and crackers). We ate food, then the younger ones played a game that my youngest nephew brought with him. When they were done with the game we opened gifts. My sister, brother-in-law and middle three nephews stayed awhile after we opened gifts. We (my mom, sister, brother, next to the oldest nephew, and I) played some games then they left.

DSCN9008 copy
The cards that we used to play UNO. These are wrestling ones that my brother-in-law got as a Christmas present from my sister and his sons (my middle three nephews).

December 26th

I started knitting a Texas A&M hat for my oldest nephew (I ran out of time to make it before Christmas). I read some. I cleaned and rearranged the top shelf of my bookcase so I could put my wax warmer that my oldest sister gave me on it. My brother-in-law came and got me to run an errand. After supper I went with my mom and brother to the store.

DSCN9034 copy
This is actually an ornament that I bought a few years ago, but I hang it on the wall as decoration.

DSCN9038 copy
My wax warmer that my oldest sister got me for Christmas.

December 27th

I ran some errands with my mom and brother today. We went to the library and I got some items I had on hold. I cleaned my middle shelf of my bookcase.

DSCN9044 copy
The top shelf of my bookcase. This is how it looked after I cleaned it off to make room for  my wax warmer.

I started reading Reconstructing Natalie by Laura Jensen Walker

December 28th

I cleaned some of my room and did some laundry. I looked online for some patterns to make something for some girls at church. I made a dolphin for one of the girls.

DSCN9047 copy
This is the dolphin that I made a little girl at church. I got the pattern from this website. 

December 29th

Church today! Today was my day to help in Children’s Church.
My mom and I went with my dad to get my brother from work so we could stop and get something to eat for supper on the way home.

DSCN9053 copy
Me, ready for church.

December 30th

I took my brother to work so that I could have the car. I took my mom grocery shopping and we got gas in the car. After supper I went and got my brother from work.

DSCN9065 copy
This will eventually become a Hello Kitty for a little girl at church. Here is where the pattern is for this.

I finally finished reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson (it took me longer than it should have since I was working on Christmas presents).

December 31st

I watched my middle and next to the youngest nephews while my brother-in-law went to the doctors (his oldest went with him). I read some and worked some on the things I’m making for the girls at church. I tried to watch ‘New Years Impact’ online, but my computer turned itself off twice while I was watching it [Impact was over four hours long].  I decided to watch the last hour on my brother’s laptop [he was at a friend’s house]. ‘Toasted’ in the new year with my parents. We had ginger ale with cranberries in it.

DSCN9069 copy
The sunset as seen through one of the bedroom windows.


Sorry, it has taken me awhile to post this. Other things (in real life) were more important to do, so I had little time to work on this.


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