January 1st – 15th 2014

Happy New Year!
DSCN9109 copy
Picture of my computer screen while watching New Year’s Impact.

It seems odd to type that (Happy New Year) right now since it’s March, but this is my first blog for 2014.

This year I have decided to do a monthly blog since I can’t keep up with a weekly blog. I will highlight things that happened each month and share with you at least one picture from each day.  Now, that I have typed that (and thought about it), a month long blog with over 20 pictures will make a long blog and you might get tired of reading it halfway through. So, maybe it will be a bi-weekly blog [I haven’t thought this out completely and I’m thinking while I type].

Ok, a (semi) bi-weekly blog it is…

January 1st-4th

I ‘toasted’ in the new year with my parents. We used cranberry flavored ginger ale to ‘toast’ with. I watched the Rose Parade [via my t.v.] twice since Hallmark channel aired it twice.

DSCN9104 copy
The ginger ale that we ‘toasted’ in the new year with.

I helped shovel snow [I lost count of how many times I have shoveled snow since the beginning of the year. I have even shoveled the same spot more than once in a day.]. I ran some errands with my brother. We (my parents, brother, next to the oldest nephew, and I) went to Hickory River for my dad’s birthday. We went a day early since my dad wasn’t sure how the roads would be on his birthday.

DSCN9184 copy
One of the candy canes that are on the fence around the garden area in the front yard.

Happy Birthday to my Dad [on January 3rd]!

My oldest sister and her boys brought over lunch for my dad for his birthday. They brought me something too since I was here. My youngest nephew stayed here while his mom and brother went and ran errands. He ended up spending the night. We played in the snow for a little bit.

DSCN9222 copy
My youngest nephew showing off the snow angel he made.
He made it with no prompting from me.

My middle three nephews came over for a while [I forgot why]. They played in the snow for a bit and I ended up joining them. I made a small snowman. My mom, brother, and I went to the store to get some groceries and my dad’s medicine (prescription). I took some ornaments off the Christmas tree. I finished making a Hello Kitty for one of the little girls at church.

DSCN9262 copy
My snowman I made.
My glove is there to show perceptive of how small the snowman is.

DSCN9285 copy
The Hello Kitty I made for one of the girls at church.
Here is the where I got the pattern from.

January 5th-11th

There was church on January 5th, but we didn’t go since it was snowing and the forecast called for lots of snow. My dad didn’t want to chance getting stuck somewhere. I stayed in bed most of the day. I watched a church service on tv and another one via the internet. In the afternoon my mom and I shoveled snow. I started the car for a little bit since it hadn’t been started in over 24 hours.

DSCN9297 copy
Yes, I played with my food.
The banana flavored Twinkies came with cutouts to make a minion.

It’s cold here today (negative temps). I did some laundry and read. I also tried to start the car (three different times) and it wouldn’t start.

DSCN9304 copy
The sun trying to shine through the clouds over one of my neighbors’ house.

I did some laundry and read some. I took out the trash and had to move some snow around so I could set the can level (I didn’t want it to roll into the street). I put away all the ornaments and the garland and also took some of the window clings off the windows.

DSCN9308 copy
Two of the handmade ornaments that are on our tree.
These were made by the kids from church in 2005.

My dad and brother went and got a new battery for the car (they used my brother-in-law’s van). That was why it wouldn’t start. They took the van back to my brother-in-law. I did some laundry. I crocheted some booties for a friend of mine. I went with my brother and mom to run some errands.

DSCN9320 copy
Me wearing a minion hat that I crocheted awhile ago.
Here is where I found the pattern for this hat.

I read most of the day and did some laundry. I went with my mom and brother to get some groceries and some buttons for the booties that I made.

DSCN9349 copy
These are the buttons I bought for the booties I made.

I did some laundry [o.k., I do laundry almost everyday]. I went with my mom, brother, and next to the oldest nephew (he is spending the night) to run some errands and take some items back to the library.
On the 10th I finished reading Reconstructing Natalie by Laura Walker (which I started reading on December 27th).

DSCN9350 copy
The backyard as seen through one of the dinning room windows.
I can’t remember how much snow we had when I took this picture.

On the 11th was a Teen Bible Quizzing tournament. It was at a church that is about two and a half hours away from where I live. My oldest two nephews went with my brother and I. We came home and after supper we played Wii. I started crocheting a stuffed monkey for a little girl at church.

DSCN9384 copy
This was the ceiling fan that was in the room I was in for Teen Bible Quizzing.

January 12th-15th

Title of message (on January 12th) was, “The Rhythm of Renewal”. Three habits that we need in order to begin our day the right way are; 1)Get Started (with a clean slate)-it’s about God’s grace (Lamentations 3:22-23 & Hebrews 4:16), 2) Get Focused-we can’t change yesterday (Philippians 3:13-14 & Mathew 6:34), and 3) Get Moving (Mark 1:35).

DSCN9437 copy
This is me all ready for church.
FYI: I made the necklace I am wearing.

I finished the monkey I started the other day. I took the candy canes off the fence in the front yard. I went with my mom and brother grocery shopping.

DSCN9442 copy
This is the monkey that I crocheted for a little girl at church.
Here is where I got the pattern for this monkey.
I made up the bow myself.

I sewed some buttons on two pairs of booties I made for a couple of my friends who each had a girl a few months ago. I went with my brother to take our oldest nephew to the marine office for training.

DSCN9465 copy
Booties I made for a friend’s daughter.
Here is where I got the pattern for these booties.

I put a silky blanket binding around some Winnie-the-pooh material for a blanket for a friend’s baby. I crocheted some snowflakes and a hat for a friend’s baby. I did some laundry.

DSCN9486 copy
The sun trying to shine through the clouds.


I meant to write and publish this in February, but other things have gotten more of my time than this blog.

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I'm in my 30s and I love to take pictures. I thought I'd do the whole "take a picture a day for a year" thing. I made this blog to share those pictures.
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