January 16th–31st 2014

January 16th – 18th

Happy Birthday to my oldest sister (her birthday was on the 16th)!

I made a couple of burp rags for a friend who recently had a baby. I crocheted a bib for her. I did some laundry and crocheted some snowflakes (I put glitter on them). My brother-in-law took me to run a few errands.

 DSCN9490 copy
One of the burp rags that I made for my friend.
Here is where I got the pattern to make this.

I made a jumper for my friend’s baby. I also crocheted a hat to go along with the booties I had crocheted the other day. My oldest sister took me to run an errand.

DSCN9506 copy
This is the hat and booties that I made for my friend’s baby.
The pattern for the hat can be found here
and the pattern for the booties can be found here.

My parents, brother, and I went to visit our former pastor and his family. Well, it was just him, his wife, and their youngest daughter (their oldest daughter is married and lives elsewhere, their oldest son just moved to start a new job in a different state, and their youngest son is going to college in a different town). Our former pastor lives about 2 hours away from us. We played some games with them and had lunch and supper with them. We left there shortly after supper and on the way home it started snowing hard. We were on the highway and we were only going about 30 mph. It took us longer to get home, but we arrived safely.

DSCN9519 copy
The snowflakes I made (for my former Pastor and his family).
This is the website where I got the pattern from for these.

January 19th – 25th

I finally finished reading Pollyanna Grows Up by Eleanor Porter. I had started reading it on my ereader (over a year ago)then had to stop reading it when my ereader quit working. I was able to upload it from my sd card to my computer and finished reading it.
The message from January 19th was, “Rhythm of Responsibility”. Three areas of ownership that we need to take responsibility for are; 1) Own Your Attitude (Psalm 118:224, Philippians 1:21, 2:14, and Colossians 3:23), 2) Own Your Schedule (Luke 4:42, 5:16), and 3) Own Your Decisions (Proverbs 19:3, 12:15, 15:22, and Jeremiah 17:7-8).

DSCN9549 copy
The sun shinning (as seen through the car window).

I did some laundry everyday this week and read some from A Prairie Christmas Collection (Nine stories in one). I helped my mom fix supper (we had nachos).

DSCN9552 copy
Most of my Janette Oke books. They fill up a whole shelf on my bookshelf. She is one of my favorite authors.

I took down the Christmas cards. I went with my older sister and her husband to run an errand then came home and went to the store with my brother and mom. My mom bought me a new cookie sheet since one of mine is old and getting hard to keep clean. I took the trash out.

DSCN9558 copy
The main entrance into the park near my house. We drove by as we were headed home.

DSCN9569 copy
Snow around where the rose bush is in the backyard (as seen through one of the dinning room windows).

Happy Birthday to my older sister (her birthday was on the 23rd)!

I took down the Christmas lights that we had hanging in the dinning room and also put away some Christmas bells we had on the front porch.

DSCN9572 copy
A Christmas wreath that we had hanging in the dinning room. I had arranged some of the Christmas lights around the wreath.

I cleaned out the top shelf in my closet and backed up some of my pictures onto a DVD.

DSCN9582 copy
Four boxes of Valentine’s Day cards that I found while cleaning. All four boxes are opened and Valentines have been used from each of them.

I went grocery shopping with my brother and mom. When I got home I checked my DVD and somehow I missed some pictures and found out that they weren’t even uploaded to my computer. [I have uploaded them and will have to add them to the next DVD I  make.] I went with my brother to a concert called Winter Jam. We met my brother-in-law and oldest two nephews there. After the concert my brother and I waited in line to get autographs from The Newsboys for my youngest nephew (he wanted to come, but my oldest sister didn’t want him to since he had been sick).

DSCN9631 copy
One of my favorite pictures that I took at the concert.

January 26th – 31st

January 26th was my day to help in Children’s Church.
In the afternoon my mom and I went to an open house to celebrate the 60th Birthday of a guy we have known for years (over 20 years). I picked my brother up from work after the open house.

DSCN9796 copy
The sun setting through the trees near where my brother works.

Monday (the 27th) I didn’t feel good. I helped my mom with supper (Chicken Bacon Ranch). I made a pumpkin spice cake (A friend had given us the recipe). I helped my mom watch my middle and next to the youngest nephews while their parents and older brother went to a basketball game.

DSCN9803 copy
The Pumpkin Spice Cake that I made.

I read some and did some laundry. I helped my mom with supper again. This time we had Chicken with broccoli and cauliflower. I took the trash out.

DSCN9819 copy
Newsong, back in the day. This is their People Get Ready album (inside cover).

My brother took me to the library to return some items and get some items I had on hold. I did some laundry. I made some popcorn for a snack after dinner.
I started reading The Pearl By Angela Hunt.

DSCN9825 copy
The sun setting as we were headed home from the library.

I read some and started working on some wrist warmers for my brother for his birthday.

DSCN9828 copy
I poured the wax from my wax warmer (while it was still liquid) into this candle holder and let it cool off.

Happy Birthday to my brother (his birthday was on the 31st)!

I finished the wrist warmers for my brother and read some. I helped my brother shovel some of the sidewalk and driveway (more like sweep since the snow was soft). I took the ribbons of the fence out front. My brother’s girlfriend came over and we (my parents, brother, brother’s girlfriend, and I) ate some pizza (we ordered it from Pizza Hut) and then played some games.

DSCN9831 copy
The wrist warmers I made for my brother for his birthday.
Here is where I got the pattern for these.


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