February 1st–14th 2014

February 1st-8th

I went to the store with my parents. I also cleaned out the shelves in my closet and went through a box in my closet. I scanned some old pictures onto my computer and did some laundry.

DSCN9853 copy
I found this while cleaning out my closet. It’s a Valentine’s Day ‘card’ from 2004 (I think). The kids I watched then made it for me.

February 2nd’s message was titled, “Do You Have An Attitude?”. Three attitudes that we need to adopt in order to live the life God has for us are; 1) No More Fear (2 Timothy 1:6-7 & 1 John 4:18), 2) No More Shame (2 Timothy 1:8, 12, &16), and 3) No more Regrets (2 Timothy 1:3, 2 Corinthians 5:17, & Philippians 3:13-14). 
Today is also Super Bowl Sunday. Since I’m not into football, I watched other things on t.v. I watched parts of the Puppy Bowl and the Kitten Bowl. I did watch some of the Super Bowl and saw some of the commercials. I also read some.

DSCN9869 copy
The sun trying to shine through some interesting clouds on our way home from church.

I started reading (via kindle app for pc) Home to Pebble Creek by Vannetta Chapman on February 3rd and finished reading it on February 4th (it’s a short story).
I did some laundry and read some. My brother took my mom to the store and when they got back I helped them unload and put away the groceries.

DSCN9876 copy
This is an afghan that my uncle made before he passed away.
He passed away in April 2002.

I started reading (via kindle app for pc) Christmas at Pebble Creek by Vannetta Chapman on February 4th and finished reading it on February 6th (it’s a short story).
I shoveled some of the driveway and sidewalk, but it was still snowing and a few hours later it didn’t look like I had. My brother shoveled the driveway and sidewalk after he came home from work. I took the trash out and while I was outside I shoveled some more. I also read some today.

DSCN9878 copy
Snow as seen from the front door. There is a driveway to the right of that big tree (by my logo), but it isn’t showing because of all the snow.

I had to get the front section of Tuesday’s paper out of the trash (it was by the curb) since I accidentally threw it out. It had a picture of kids from my youngest nephew’s school and a short article on how they were helping others, including a neighboring town that had a tornado recently. I shoveled the driveway and sidewalk that goes up to our house (the company we rent from had hired someone to shovel the main sidewalk). I also shoveled some around a car across the street (It had snowed some after they parked there and the city workers had come through with their trucks and so there was snow piled by the driver’s door). I read some and did some laundry. I went with my brother to get some things from the store for our sister.

DSCN9891 copy
These are the books of The Bible that the teens are studying for Teen Bible Quizzing.

I went to the library with my brother to take back a few items and get some that I had a hold on. I did some laundry and cleaned my room some.

DSCN9902 copy
The moon tonight.
[I can’t remember where I was when I took this picture. I might have taken it through the upstairs bathroom window.]

I read a little. I went with my parents and next to the oldest nephew (he is spending the night) to the store. While we were there my brother called and said he was off work, so my dad went and got him then came back and got my mom, nephew, and I.  We then went and got something for supper.

DSCN9904 copy
The sky over the parking lot of the store we went to.

There was a Teen Bible Quiz scheduled for February 8th, but it got cancelled due to bad weather. I did some laundry and read a little. I cleaned some of my room and organized some things around my window. I even cleaned my window blinds (I took them down and soaked them in the tub).

DSCN9911 copy
This is how I arranged some things on the small table by my window.

DSCN9917 copy
Here is another view of the table by my window.
Read below to find out what happens to this.

February 9th – 14th

While getting ready for church on the 9th, my diploma fell off the wall and broke my candleholder [My diploma was on the wall above the table in the pictures above]. I made sure that I had all the big pieces.
February 9th’s message was titled, “Live Like a Hall of Fame Christian”. Two truths that show us how we can live a Hall of Fame Christian Life and finish what we started are; 1) Hall of Fame Christians Hold Themselves to a Higher Standard (2 Timothy 2:15 & 2 Timothy 2:4-6), and 2) Hall of Fame Christians Stick to what Really Matters (2 Timothy 2:23-26).
After I got home from church I cleaned up the mess (from my diploma falling) and put away the candleholder in a box. I rearranged things on that table and another table by my t.v. stand. I also dusted off the top two shelves of my t.v. stand and rearranged things on those shelves.

DSCN9922 copy
The top part of my candle holder that broke when my diploma fell off the wall.
This was one of my favorite candleholders.

I went through the yarn in the craft room and organized most of it. I read some. My mom went with me to get some supper and she forgot her debit card, so I used mine. I didn’t think I had enough money to cover it, so we took my dad his supper and then went to one of the branches of my bank to put money into my account. I also did some laundry.

DSCN9926 copy
I tried these Pringles and I like them better than the regular cheese ones.

I cleaned some more of the craft room and my bedroom. I took out the trash.
I finished reading The Pearl by Angela Hunt on February 11th (I started reading it January 29th).
I started reading Stranded in Paradise by Lori Copeland on February 11th.

DSCN9931 copy
This is the other table that I worked on Sunday (February 9th).
I tweaked and added things to it since Sunday.

I cleaned more in the craft room and put some items away that I was going through. The city inspector came today (with the lady who manages the houses for the company we rent from). The city has to inspect the houses every five years. I went to the bank and library with my parents-my dad drove and I was the only one that went into the library. We went to Walmart and my mom and I got some items we needed. We then went and got my brother from work and went to Steak-n-Shake for supper.

DSCN9934 copy
Pretty sky.
[I’m not exactly sure where this was taken, somewhere in the town that I live in.]

I went with my brother to get our brother-in-law and go pick up his van (it was being held for unpaid fines). On the way to the place where the van was, we stopped and got some lunch. We got the van and then my brother and I went home. Later we went and got our sister from work and took her to run an errand then went and got our mom’s prescription medicine from Walmart. I also read some.

DSCN9949 copy
Pretty sky as we took our sister to run her errand.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
I did some laundry and read some. My brother and I shoveled the sidewalk and driveway [At this point I was sick and tired of shoveling snow]. My brother, mom, and I went and got some Frozen yogurt (we had a 50% off coupon). We came home and my brother got a message from our next to the oldest nephew that him and his brothers hadn’t been picked up from school (they were waiting at the place where we have church which is a about two blocks from their schools). I went with my brother to get them and take them home. We ended up meeting their dad along the way and went into a nearby parking lot so the boys could exchange vehicles safely. We went back home and my brother’s girlfriend came and got him. My parents and I went and ran some errands.

DSCN9970 copy
The full moon.
The line in the moon is a power line that was between where I was and where the moon was in the sky.


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