April 16th–30th 2014

April 16th – 22nd

I did some laundry and hung it up outside. I raked some leaves away from the fence by the driveway. I also sewed some of my mom’s dress for Ester. My next to the oldest nephew left his phone in the car, so my mom and I took it to him (after supper). On the way home we stopped at Dairy Queen for some ice cream. I read some outside, but it was too chilly to be out there for very long.

DSCN0296 copy
The sky on the way home from dropping off the phone to my nephew.


I did some laundry and hung it up outside. I read some outside. I tried to work on my mom’s dress, but my sewing machine wasn’t working right. I took some of it apart (I took the back off) and thought I fixed it. I have done this same thing before. This time it didn’t work. My mom said that she would just buy me a new one, so we looked in some ads for ones on sale. We decided to go and check out what Walmart had. I found a Singer one for under $100 that I liked, so we got that one and we also got some things for her, my dad, and my oldest nephew. After supper I set up my new machine and some of it needed cleaning. There was too much oil on the bobbin and connecting pieces. I then sewed some of my mom’s dress.

DSCN0298 copy
The sun trying to shine through the tress in the side yard.

I finished my mom’s dress. I then made her a shawl/poncho. I read some outside. I made some Easter ‘baskets’ for my nephews and ‘nieces’ [they aren’t my official nieces, they are foster right now]. I cleaned the grill plates off so that my dad could cook out. I hung up clothes in the basement since they were white clothes.

DSCN0311 copy
Here is my new sewing machine, settling in it’s new home.
It’s a Singer Simple with 23 built in stiches.

I edited some of the pictures I had taken from Teen Bible Quizzing Finals. I hemmed some pants for a woman at church. I helped my mom (then later my older sister and next to the oldest nephew) take apart a small slide we have. We are giving it to my brother’s girlfriend for the girls they are fostering. My older sister and her family stopped by, so I gave her boys their Easter ‘baskets’. I read some outside in my mom’s swing. My parents, my oldest nephew, and I went to my brother’s girlfriend’s church for an Easter service they were having. After the service we went out to eat. We all came back here so that my brother’s girlfriend could pick up the slide. I gave the girls (they are fostering) their Easter ‘baskets’. [I didn’t share a pic of the Easter ‘baskets’ because I didn’t take a very good picture of them. I used Wedding Favor paper bags.]

DSCN0314 copy
The Hyacinths that my mom and I got about a week ago (along with an Easter tree).

DSCN0318 copy
Pretty sunset (although this picture is a little blurry).

HAPPY EASTER! (or Resurrection Sunday, as some call it.)

The message from April 20th was titled, “The Significance of Easter” and the text was Mark 16:1-8. Three Important Truths to live out Easter everyday are; 1) Jesus is God (John 5:17-18, 10:9, 14:6-7),
2) No No Situation is Beyond God’s Power (Colossians 1:19-20, Romans 8:11, Ephesians 3:20-21, Philippians 4:13), and 3) God’s Forgiveness is Available to You/Everyone (Mark 16:5-7, 2 Corinthians 5:21, 1 John 1:9).
After lunch I cut up and smashed strawberries for desert for supper (Strawberry shortcake). My mom then went with me to get my next to the oldest nephew so he could spend the night. We tried to go to a grocery store, but it was closed for Easter. We ended up going to a different one and then came home and my mom fixed supper.

DSCN0388 copy
The Easter Bunny at church gave the kids some hardboiled eggs.
The kids did hunt plastic eggs filled with candy and toys.

I did laundry and hung it up in the basement since there was a possibility of rain. I folded some clothes and put them away. I sat in my mom’s swing and read for awhile. I raked most of the leaves out of the garden area in the front yard. I took my next to the oldest nephew home. His dad (my brother-in-law) went to the ER for some problem he was having.

DSCN0444 copy
The sky as I took my nephew home.

I hung up laundry in the basement (I didn’t want to hang them up outside). I went with my mom to Walmart and we got my oldest sister some flowers (Hyacinths) like we had bought for ourselves. We came home and found out that the mowers had blown leaves under one of our swing sets (this isn’t the first time this has happened-they did it in the fall). My mom called our property manager and I e-mailed her photos. I read some outside. My parents and I went to a concert at my youngest nephew’s school. All the first grade classes were singing songs. I took the trash to the curb.

DSCN0457 copy
One of the blooms on the bush in the side yard.
I have no clue what kind of bush it is (the bush was there when we moved in).

April 23rd – 30th

I did some laundry and hung them up in the basement. I went to the library to drop some things off and picked up some items that I had on hold. My next to the oldest nephew went with me (he didn’t have any school on the 23rd of April). I trimmed the bushes out front and put ‘Fred’ (the scarecrow) away. I read some in my mom’s swing. I cleaned up under the bushes and planted some Zinnia seeds (some in pots and some in the ground). I also planted (in pots) some Gladiolus. I read some more in my mom’s swing then helped my mom make supper (our own version of Cheese Hotdogs in Pretzel Buns).
I finished reading A Wedding For Julia by Vannetta Chapman (I started reading it on April 9th). I started reading The Last Bride by Beverly Lewis.

DSCN0508 copy
The tulip in the backyard about to open up.

I played some games with my next to the oldest nephew (he was here for a little while). I took him home. I read some out side.

DSCN0528 copy
The trees are starting to turn green.

I took my mom to run some errands, well first we waited until a Plummer came to fix a pipe in the basement that was leaking. We went to the library for the book sale they were having and I picked up an item I had on hold. My dad cooked out while I read in my mom’s swing.

DSCN0547 copy
The tulip in the backyard opening up part of the way.

I read in the sun and in my mom’s swing. I did some laundry.

DSCN0559 copy
The tulip in the backyard opened all the way up.

The message from April 27th was titled, “Worst To First” and the text was 1 Corinthians 15:1-14. Three Steps to a Transformed Life that will have a Lasting Change in our Lives (that will help us go from Worst To first) are; 1) Accept Who We Are (1 Corinthians 15:9, 1 Timothy 1:15), 2) Surrender Completely to God’s Grace (1 Corinthians 15:10), and 3) Ask God for Strength (1 Corinthians 15:10-11).
I sat outside and read some. I did some laundry.
I finished reading The Last Bride by Beverly Lewis which I started reading on April 23rd.

DSCN0586 copy
Some Easter candy that I was given.
Actually, it’s extra candy that my ‘nieces’ were given.

I did some laundry and hung it up inside since there is a chance of rain. I cleaned my fan. I took it apart and blew some canned air into the motor. I also soaked the front and back covers in soapy water.
I started reading Heaven Is For Real by Todd Burpo.

DSCN0620 copy
Some violets in the backyard.
These are considered weeds.
I think they are pretty.

I read some. I went through some old papers that I had been keeping. I did some laundry and hung some of it outside. I cleaned underneath one of our swing sets. I took apart the Step2 slide that we have so I could clean it. After supper I read some in my mom’s swing and it started to rain. I took the clothes off the line. I took the trash out.

DSCN0630 copy
While cleaning up under the swing set I moved a board and saw this snake.
I took a picture of it and left the area. I don’t really like snakes.

My brother-in-law is in the hospital [I can’t remember why]. I took my mom to the store (using my brother-in-law’s van). I came home for a little bit then went and got my older sister from work, took her to run a few errands then to the hospital to see her husband. I came home for a little while and started cleaning off the Step2 slide and a baby swing we have. I then went and got two of my nephews from school (my older sister’s younger two). I brought them back here and finished cleaning the slide. I then went and got my next to the oldest from school (he stayed after for a club meeting). My sister, her youngest two, and my mom went with me. I took them to run a few errands and get supper for them. I dropped them off at their house then my mom and I got super for us (and my dad). After supper I hung up some laundry in the basement.

DSCN0654 copy
The sun trying to shine through some clouds while I was running errands for my older sister and her boys.


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