May 1st–15th 2014

May 1st- 7th

I did some laundry and hung it up in the basement. I cleaned the Step2 slide. I went and got my three middle nephews from school (my mom went with me). We went by their house so that the oldest (of those three) could get the outfit he needed for his band concert. We came back to my house and I started cleaning the playroom. I ironed the shirt my nephew needed for his concert. My brother-in-law had surgery [I think he had his gallbladder taken out.]. My older sister went to be with him for awhile. We ate supper and then got ready for the band concert. My parents, older sister, and the boys went to the band concert.

DSCN0658 copy
A windmill between the middle and high schools that my three middle nephews go to.

I cleaned the playroom-I went through the books. I went and got my older sister from work (my mom went with me). We took my sister to run some errands and ran some errands for my oldest sister and ourselves. We went to the hospital since my brother-in-law was getting out of the hospital. It was taking awhile for him to come down, so I took my mom home and got the boys (my brother had picked them up from school). I then went back to the hospital and got my brother-in-law and older sister. I took then to go get some medication that was prescribed to my brother-in-law. Then I took them home. I came home and had supper with my parents, my brother, my brother’s girlfriend, her foster girls, and my oldest nephew. After supper the adults played UNO while the girls watched Frozen.

DSCN0671 copy
The sun trying to shine through some clouds while I was waiting for my sister and brother-in-law to get his medication.

I took my brother-in-law his van, my dad followed in my brother’s car. We came home for a few minutes then my mom and I went grocery shopping. We got my dad’s medication from Walmart and got some gas in the car. I bought a carnation bush for my mom (an early Mother’s Day present) and I bought Heaven is For Real (for myself). We ran into some friends we haven’t seen in awhile at one of the stores we went to. I read some in my mom’s swing then cleaned under the grill tray in the grill. I did some laundry. I had to re-clean some pieces of the Step2 slide because they had gotten muddy. I planted some morning glories that had been soaking in warm water. I planted them around the fence in the front yard.

DSCN0682 copy
Petals from the tulip in the backyard.
A squirrel had gotten to the tulip and ripped the petals off.

The message from May 4th was titled, “Surviving Saturday”.  Three truths that will help us move from the never ending Saturday to the Power of the Resurrection are; 1) Believe It’s Possible (Romans 8:37, 6:14, 8:29). 2) Feed Your New Nature (Romans 8:5-6), and 3) Live Out Our clean Slate (Romans 8:1).
After church my oldest sister followed us to the store. Her youngest (my youngest nephew) rode with us. He stayed in the car with my dad while my mom, sister, and I went in to get some groceries. My nephew went home with his mom and my parents and I went home. We tried to eat lunch, but it wasn’t done yet [I forgot what we were having-maybe Chicken Rice Casserole]. My oldest nephew came here (was dropped off) and shortly after he got here his biological dad came to give him some money so he could go buy a car from some people he knows. I took him to go get the car (which was in a town about 20 minutes away). I then came home and ate my lunch.
I finished reading Heaven is For Real by Todd Burpo  which I started reading on April 28th.

FYI: Most of the books I read, I borrow from the library.

DSCN0704 copy
My snack while reading in my mom’s swing- chips with some queso blanco and some flavored water.

I did some laundry and hung it up outside. There was a maintenance guy here today who replaced our old back doors. Now we don’t have a screen door on the back porch. I walked with my mom to the ATM inside the hospital so she could get some cash. My brother came here and got my dad and oldest nephew. They were then going to pick up my oldest sister and then go to a CUBS game in Chicago. This was their first time ever going to a MLB game. My oldest sister had a nice friend give her four tickets to the game. My mom and I went and picked up my youngest nephew from his bus stop. We stopped along the way to get a curtain rod for the new back door. [We ended up using it for the window in the living room and doing something else for the new back door.] We also got an air freshener for the car (we were using my oldest nephew’s car). We picked up my youngest nephew and then got a bag of things from my oldest sister’s car. We then dropped off some videos at a Family Video and found out that it was the wrong Family Video (there are three in the area). So, we took them back to the right one. We then took my youngest nephew to a park in town that had gotten some new equipment since the last time he played on it (about a year ago). After that we went and got some supper and brought it back and ate in the backyard. My youngest nephew played outside some, worked on his homework and played some games on my tablet and computer then went to sleep.

DSCN0714 copy
A three headed dandelion that was growing in the front yard.

DSCN0750 copy
My youngest nephew playing at the park.
I have no clue why the color looks off in this picture.
The quality isn’t the best.

I took my youngest nephew to school (my mom went with me). We then went and put some gas in the car (my oldest nephew’s). My mom also picked up some upholstery cleaner for the car-she used it on the floorboards shortly after we got home. I went back to sleep for a little bit then did some laundry. I planted the bush I got my mom for Mother’s Day in the garden area in the front yard. I hung up some laundry outside. I cleaned off a toy baby piano we had stored up. I read some outside. I took the trash out.
I started reading Here Burns My Candle by Liz Curtis Higgs.

DSCN0832 copy
The carnation bush I got my mom for Mother’s Day.
I planted it in the garden area in the front yard today (May 6th).

I did some laundry and hung it up outside. I sat in the sun and read for awhile. I cleaned off the grill grates and disposed of the soot in the grill. My oldest nephew returned some items to the library for me. His girlfriend came over (with her son) for a little bit and had supper with us. I made some popcorn for my mom and myself (we were the only ones that wanted any).

DSCN0845 copy
I got a sunburn today from sitting out in the sun and reading.
It turned into a tan a few days latter.

April 8th – 15th

Happy 15th Anniversary to my oldest sister and her husband [on May 8th]!

I did some laundry and hung it up outside. I read outside in the sun and in my mom’s swing. I cleaned out the grill so that my dad could cook out. My oldest nephew took me to the store so I could get some oil for the fryer. I cooked fries in the fryer when we got back from the store.

DSCN0857 copy
A bunny that was in the neighbor’s yard.


I did some laundry and hung it up outside (hopefully it doesn’t rain). I read some.  My brother took my mom and I grocery shopping. We then went to the library so I could drop some items off and pick up some items I had on hold. I made a back up DVD of some of my pictures.

DSCN0867 copy
The sun shinning around some clouds when we went grocery shopping.

I did some laundry and hung it up outside. I read some in the sun and made my mom some sun tea. I put some patches on a pair of jeans for my next to the oldest nephew. I made a card for my mom for Mother’s Day.

DSCN0871 copy
One of the squirrels that climb my bird feeder pole and eat my bird seed.
I have tried a lot of things to keep them from climbing it, but nothing is working.


Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms!

May 11th was my day to help in Children’s Church. We had the kids make some paper flowers for their moms.
Before church I had to help my mom take things out from under the sink in the bathroom upstairs. I was eating breakfast and I heard something and then noticed that there was a small amount of water coming through the ceiling. I went upstairs and noticed there was a lot of water under the sink (the pipes under the sink were leaking). We got everything out from under the sink and I moped up the floor in the dinning room (the room below the upstairs bathroom).
After church my parents and I went and got something for lunch. Shortly after we came home I went for a walk around the park near my house. I read some in my mom’s swing and then helped my mom make some chicken enchiladas for supper.

DSCN0932 copy
At the park I saw a lot of baby geese.
These ‘parents’ are making sure their babies are safe.
Shortly before I took this picture the geese were in the grass nearby and a Fire truck went by with the siren going and the geese went into the lake.


I read some outside. I did laundry (the towels that I used yesterday to clean up the mess from the upstairs bathroom). I cleaned up some of the backyard.

DSCN0955 copy
The book I was reading.
It’s different from most books I have read.
It takes place in 18th century Scotland.

I read some. A maintenance guy came to fix the sink in the upstairs bathroom sink. I made some chocolate chip cookies. I took the trash out.

DSCN0965 copy
The Chocolate Chip cookies I made.
I put about a tablespoon of peanut butter in them.

I took my mom to get some groceries (using my oldest nephew’s car). I dropped some items off at the library on the way. We also got my mom’s prescription medication. I read some. I did some laundry then helped my mom with supper (I melted some cheese for nachos). Before I took a shower, I found out that the pipes under the sink aren’t fixed. The guy had put some goo on the pipes and it wasn’t holding (we had waited the 24 hours he told us to).

DSCN0967 copy
One of the Irises about to bloom in the front yard.

I hung up some laundry outside since it wasn’t raining. I did another load of laundry and hung it up in the basement since it was whites. I read some. After supper I made some cupcakes using some Halloween mix that we had. I cleaned some in the playroom and the living room.

DSCN0998 copy
The cupcakes that I made after supper.


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