May 16th–31st 2014

May 16th – 23rd

I cleaned some of the dinning room and living room. I did some laundry and hung it up in the basement. I painted a Pringles can (I will make it into a bird feeder soon).  I think [I can’t remember the exact date] I planted some tomato seeds. I cleaned off an old highchair that we have so that we can use it for one of my brother’s girlfriend’s foster daughters. It started to rain while I was cleaning it off outside, so I put it on the back porch to finish cleaning it off. I ended up using a hair dryer to dry off the safety belt. I cleaned off a booster seat for the other girl to use. I read some. My brother, his girlfriend, and their foster daughters came and ate supper with us. After supper we (my parents, oldest nephew, brother, brother’s girlfriend,and I) played Phase 10. After a few hands my oldest nephew quit so he could go rest before he had to go to work. I ended up winning the game.

DSCN1001 copy
My winning hand in Phase 10.

I did some laundry and hung it outside. I went and ran an errand with my mom and we then went to get some groceries. On the way home I remembered something that we had forgotten, so we stop at another store. I read some then did some more laundry.

DSCN1002 copy
A car that my mom and I saw while we ran errands.
We both thought that it was a pretty blue.

May 18th’s message at church was titled, “How Jesus Revitalizes Our Lives” and the text was John 20:19-23. Four things from John 20 that Jesus revitalize His disciples and will revitalize our lives are; 1) Jesus Meets Us Where We Are (John 20:19), 2) Jesus Gives Us Encouragement (John 20:19, Philippians 4:6-7), 3) Jesus Fills Us With His Presence (John 20:22, Galatians 5:22-23, & 2 Timothy 1:7), and 4) Jesus Offers Us Forgiveness (John 20:23, Psalm 32:1-2).
After lunch I read outside. I’m not feeling well, hopefully it’s nothing.
I finished reading Here Burns My Candle (which I started reading May 6th). I started reading Mine Is The Night. Both books are by Liz Curtis Higgs. I made a tuna helper (a creamy broccoli one) for supper.

DSCN1024 copy
One of the Irises that are blooming in the front garden area.

I did some laundry and hung it up outside. I went and put some gas in my oldest nephew’s car. I read some in my mom’s swing and worked on the blog for March 16th- 31st.

DSCN1046 copy
The S’more I made today.
It’s made with white chocolate.
It’s Yummy!

I did some laundry and hung it up outside [ok, I do this almost everyday]. I read some in my mom’s swing. I emptied the grill out and soaked the crates so my dad could grill out. I took the trash out. I also worked on some Easter Pictures.

DSCN1057 copy
Some wildflowers that grew in the garden out front.

I took some items back to the library and then took my mom to the store. We were going to put some gas in my oldest nephew’s car at Walmart, but I remembered that Schnucks was cheaper the other day. We went to Schnucks and got gas there and it was a little cheaper. I came home and hung up some laundry. I read some then did some more laundry. I went with my brother-in-law to run some errands. I came  home and watched some TV then got the clothes off the line outside since it was going to rain.

DSCN1085 copy
Some Irises blooming in the garden out front.

I did some laundry (need to hang it up). I took my mom to run some errands. She needed some cash to pay some bills at this one store, so we went to Schnucks. While there we got some things we need for a family picnic on Sunday. We were about to get in line to pay for our items when my oldest nephew called us (we were using his car). He needed us to come get him and take him to the cell phone store because his phone wasn’t working. We went and got him and took him to the cell phone store. They couldn’t really do anything since his name isn’t on the bill (he is under his mom’s plan). We went and paid the bills my mom needed to pay, but first we stopped and got some slushies at a gas station. We came home and my nephew tried something the guy from the cell phone store told him about, but it didn’t work and he has a replacement phone on it’s way. I read some in my mom’s swing. My oldest nephew took me to get some supper.

DSCN1097 copy
A bird eating out of the bird feeder.
The squirrels have chewed on this bird feeder so much that I can’t fill it full.

I went with my mom to this huge garage sale that happens every year. We then came home and I did some laundry and hung it up outside. I read some in the sun. My mom wanted something grilled out for supper so we went to a nearby store and got some pork chops and other things. I cleaned off the grill and soaked the grill plates (my mom was going to clean them off). I read some in my mom’s swing.

DSCN1100 copy
I saw this interesting sculpture outside the building where the huge garage sale was.
This was carved out of the tree that was here.
I edited this picture in Photoshop so the people in the background weren’t visible.

May 24th – 31st

I tried to clean paint off the screen from the front screen door, but it wouldn’t come off. I had gotten the paint on there awhile ago when I painted the front fence. I helped my mom fix the screen door-the bottom piece needed to be put back in place. I read some . My brother brought us his car to use over the weekend. I made some sun tea-I put the water and tea bags in and set it in the sun. I took my mom grocery shopping. We also got some gas in my brother’s car. I did some laundry and hung it up outside then finished the sun tea. I read some in my mom’s swing. My next to the oldest nephew is spending the night.

DSCN1136 copy
I saw this at one of the stores we went to.
The bottom description says, “ICE CREAM TRUCK”, but on the truck itself is listed, “PIZZA, WINGS, PASTA, DRINKS, & PKG’ING”. To me those things aren’t ice cream nor are they sold on an Ice Cream Truck.

The message from May 25th was titled, “How Jesus Lightens Our Load” and the text was Job 6:2-3 & Matthew 11:28-30. Three secrets to stress management so the Jesus can de-stress us are; 1) Come to Jesus (Matthew 11:28, Isaiah 40:29-31, & Matthew 6:6), 2) Give Up Control (Matthew 11:29, Psalm 55:22), and 3) Learn to Trust (Matthew 11:29, Romans 10:17).
After church we came home and changed our clothes, picked up the food we were taking to the picnic at my brother’s girlfriend’s house. We waited on my older sister and her family (they were following us) then we went and picked up my oldest sister from her house. We stopped and got some chips that my oldest sister wanted. We then went to the picnic. Most of my brother’s girlfriend’s family was there. We ate and played some games. I colored with chalk with my brother’s girlfriend’s foster daughters. After awhile we came home.

DSCN1157 copy
My middle nephew found this under one of the trees at my brother’s girlfriend’s house.
I have no idea what it is.

DSCN1200 copy
The flat land that is in between where my brother’s girlfriend lives and where I live.

Happy Memorial Day!

I went to Dairy Queen for lunch with my mom. I used a gift card that I had received from helping all year with Teen Bible Quizzing. I went through a box in the basement to see if my middle and next to the youngest nephews could wear any of the clothes in it. I read in my mom’s swing. I helped my mom cook chicken Enchiladas for her and I. My dad, brother, and oldest two nephews went and saw a minor league baseball game.
I finished reading Mine Is The Night by Liz Curtis Higgs, which I started reading on May 18th. I started reading The Debt by Angela Hunt.

DSCN1212 copy
My blizzard that I got with my lunch.
It’s a Strawberry Shortcake Blizzard.

I did some laundry and hung it up outside. I read some in my mom’s swing. I went through another box in the basement. I got the clothes off the line since it was lightening and thundering out. I dropped a clothespin and couldn’t find it since it was dark. I took the trash out.

DSCN1251 copy
Some type of bug that was on the fence out front.

Happy 20th Birthday to my oldest nephew! [His birthday was on the 28th of May.]

I took my mom to her therapy appointment (using my oldest nephew’s car). I took a book and my tablet there (they have free WI-FI). I found out that Maya Angelou passed away-I need to read more of her work. I read some. My oldest sister came by (with her husband and youngest son) to wish her oldest son (my oldest nephew) Happy Birthday. I helped my mom take apart and clean an Air Conditioner that goes in the hallway upstairs. After it was dry I put it in the window and turned it on. I read some in my mom’s swing after supper. I helped my mom clean and rearrange the living room so that we could put the AC unit in the living room window (we’ll do that on a later date). 

DSCN1268 copy
One of the roses in the backyard.

I did laundry and hung it up outside. I read some outside. It started sprinkling (raining), so I got the clothes off the line and hung them up in the basement. I googled (searched) how to keep squirrels from eating roses. The squirrels had bitten the roses off the bush in the backyard and had left the petals on the ground. I tried a couple of things, but they didn’t work because another rose had been taken when I checked after supper. My mom and I went and got some ice cream for everyone here (her, my dad, my oldest nephew,and I) from Dairy Queen (we used my oldest nephew’s car). I can’t remember exactly when, but sometime in the last day or two I cut a small piece of board to be used in the living room window on the sides of the AC unit.

DSCN1301 copy
The sun setting as my mom and I went to get ice cream.

I did some laundry and hung it up outside. I read some in my mom’s swing. I brought a big piece of wood up from the basement to use as a table top for a table we have outside. The glass top had broken a few years ago. My mom asked my dad to use a saw to cut it. I marked it since part of it had mold/mildew on it from being in the basement so long. I held the board while my dad cut it. I put up a curtain rod in the living room (and put the curtain on it). It was the curtain rod we were going to use on the back door, but decided not to. I cleaned up some under near the back porch. While I was cleaning where we put the bikes, my brother was fixing a board on the back porch. He stood up and knocked the cooler lid off the side of the porch and it hit me in the head. It hurt for awhile. I put some ice on it to keep it from swelling. My brother’s girlfriend needed to take one of the foster girls to get her hair done. After they were done they came here and we ordered pizza and ate it outside.

DSCN1312 copy
A flower in the bush by my neighbor’s porch.

I helped my mom paint the table top that my dad had cut the day before. We painted just a coat of white on the top and bottom. We then mixed brown and white to get a light brown color for the top. I painted “May 31 2014” and a big H on the bottom. We did two coats on the top. I did some laundry. My mom and I went and ran some errands. When we got back I hung up the clothes outside then read in my mom’s swing.

DSCN1325 copy
The top of the table after the two coats of paint.

DSCN1321 copy
The bottom of the table top with the H.
I did it because our last name starts with an H.


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