July 1st–15th 2014

July 1st – 8th

I did some laundry and hung it up outside. I took my mom to the store. We came home and I read some. My brother, his girlfriend, and the foster girls came to get my brother’s car and stayed for supper. I played outside with both girls for awhile before supper and then for a bit after supper. I took the trash to the curb.

DSCN9145 copy
The clouds as I took my mom to the store.

I did some laundry and hung it up outside. I cleaned out the grill. I took out the thing that holds the coals and washed it out and washed out the inside of the grill. I planted the tomatoes and zucchini plants in the ground then took a shower. After my shower I read some outside in my mom’s swing. I watched some TV then read in my mom’s swing again while my dad cooked out.

DSCN9151 copy
The tomato and zucchini plants right after I planted them in the ground.

I did some more laundry and hung it up outside. I organized some clothes in the basement. I cleaned out a tote (washed it with soap and water). I read some in my mom’s swing. My brother came here after work to drop off his car so we can have it for the weekend. He brought an end table (it has drawers) with him. I cleaned the area where I wanted it to go then put my CD holder on top and some photo albums in one of the drawers. I went with him to a nearby store so we could get some jalapeños for the nachos we are having for supper. We came home and I helped my mom fix the nachos. After supper I read outside in my mom’s swing, then my brother’s girlfriend came with the foster girls (I think they were having a visit with their birth mom). I played outside with the girls for a little bit then we came inside and played some before they left. After they left I got on my laptop and couldn’t get online. I was able to get online on my tablet. I took my laptop downstairs and hardwired it to the modem and was able to get online. After awhile I went back upstairs to my room and restarted my laptop and after awhile I was able to get back online.
I finished reading  A Garden in Paris by Stephanie grace Whitson (I started reading it on June 23rd). I started reading Quaker Summer by Lisa Samson.

DSCN9164 copy
One of the many squirrels in the backyard.

I did a load of laundry and got ready to go to a nearby town for fireworks. I watched Saving Mr. Banks then left to go watch fireworks. The church I go to provides supper for the volunteers at the fireworks. We all bring some type of side dish and someone provides meat to grill. After we ate I went and put our chairs and blankets down to save a place so we could watch the fireworks (they are shot over a lake).  I then came back and helped clean up some. The youth group from church sales light up toys there and I bought some small ones for my youngest nephew. We watched the fireworks then came home.

DSCN9181 copy
One of the many fireworks.

DSCN9251 copy
One of the many fireworks. This one is one of my favorites.
You can see the reflection on the lake.

DSCN9292 copy
One of the many fireworks.
The bottom firework is reflected in the lake.

DSCN9321 copy
One of the many fireworks.
The bottom firework is reflected in the lake.

To see more pictures (& videos) from the fireworks on July 4th click here.

Please do not download my pictures (from this site or the link above) and claim them as your own.

I hung a load of laundry outside [and overnight (on the 6th) it rained-guess I will have to re-wash them]. My brother came here after dropping off his girlfriend and the foster girls at their hair appointment. My mom and I went with my brother to the store to pick up a few things that we needed. We picked up my brother’s girlfriend and the girls on the way home. My brother and his girlfriend left the girls here while they went to look for a new couch and get some other things. My brother’s girlfriend said the girls needed to lay down before they could play. We watched a movie and the younger one fell asleep. After awhile she woke up and they wanted to play outside. We played in the sprinkler for a bit. My dad cooked on the grill outside for supper. After supper my brother and his girlfriend went for a walk and I played with the girls in the front yard. We colored with chalk. When my brother and his girlfriend got back they sat on the front steps while I played with the girls in the side yard. During this time my brother asked his girlfriend to marry him (and she said yes).  My brother’s fiancé had gotten the girls some glow sticks, so we played with them for awhile before they went home.

DSCN9371 copy
Two of the glow sticks that my brother’s fiancé got for their foster girls.

The message from July 6th was titled, “The Bible is a Tool for You to Use”. Five ways we can use The Bible as a tool (to transform our lives) are; 1) Search God’s Word (John 5:39-40), 2) Examine God’s Word (Acts 17:11-12 & John 16:13), 3) Meditate on God’s Word (Psalm 1:2, 119:15), 4) Delight in God’s Word (Psalm 119:16, 47), and 5) Declare God’s Word (Acts 4:20, Psalm 119:13, & Jeremiah 23:28).
Sometime in the evening my oldest sister called. My youngest nephew wanted to spend the night. Earlier in the week she had already asked about him spending the night on Monday night. I didn’t care, so I went and got him (my mom went with me). On the way home we stopped at Dairy Queen and got some ice cream (we also got some for my dad).

DSCN9377 copy
The rose bush out front is blooming.

I added my nephew’s books that he read to his reading log on the library’s website. We played outside for a little bit then went to the library. Since he had read all the books he needed to (10) he got to pick out a free new book and also got some coupons to local shops. He also picked out some DVDs to check out. We then went to a park for awhile then went grocery shopping (my mom had gone with us to all these places). When we got back here my nephew played on my laptop while I cleaned out the Step2 pool and filled it up. We played in it for awhile. My older sister’s husband stopped by with their oldest and he (my next to the oldest nephew) ended up staying the night. After supper the three of us (my two nephews and I) walked to a nearby park and they played for a bit.

DSCN9511 copy
My youngest nephew playing with bubbles in the pool.

My brother-in-law (older sister’s husband) dropped off his youngest two for us to watch while he went to the hospital for some therapy. All the boys (my youngest four nephews) played in the extra bedroom. I let them each have a turn playing on my laptop. My brother-in-law came back and all three of his kids left with him. My youngest nephew and I packed a picnic lunch and then walked to a nearby park (a different one than the day before). We were going to eat lunch there, but after a few minutes he didn’t want to play there anymore. We went back to my house and asked my mom to go with is to a different park (we drove to one this time). We ran an errand then went to the park. My nephew played for awhile (the sun was intense and all the metal things at the park were almost too hot to touch). After being there awhile a bus load of kids came. They were screaming and yelling and my nephew wanted to leave. We left and came back to my house. We played a CD Rom game on my laptop then his mom came and got him. My brother, his fiancé, and the girls came over for supper (and to get my brother’s car). After supper I played with the girls outside for a bit then we came inside and played some before they left. 

DSCN9546 copy
My youngest nephew using a blanket so that the hot merry-go-round wouldn’t burn his legs at the second park that we went to.

July 9th – 15th

I did some laundry and hung it up outside. I cleaned some in the basement and the craft room. I hemmed some clothes that were in the craft room. I walked with my mom to the hospital (it’s only about a block away) to get some medication from the pharmacy there for my dad. I read some in my mom’s swing after we got back here. I also cleaned some in the upstairs hallway.

DSCN9590 copy
A carnation growing on the bush that I bought my mom for Mother’s Day.

I got swim shorts for my middle and next to the youngest nephews so they could swim in the Step2 pool. They were here (along with their older brother) while their dad went and had a procedure done at the hospital. I went and picked up my brother-in-law and older sister from the hospital and brought them here. I hung up some laundry (outside) and did another load. I took my older sister to run some errands then get some supper (she got something for her and her family & I got something for my parents and myself). After we ate my brother-in-law felt well enough to drive home. I planted a gladiola in the backyard near the rose bush. I clipped the carnation from the front yard and hung it upside down to dry. I read in my mom’s swing for a little bit then hung up some more laundry. I cleaned some more in the hallway upstairs and the extra bedroom. After supper I read more in my mom’s swing. 


DSCN9612 copy
A Cardinal eating out of the bird feeder.

I took my mom to the store- to get groceries and my dad’s prescription medication. We ran some errands then came home and went through some stuff that my brother’s fiancé had put in the trunk of the car. I cleaned some more in the extra bedroom. After supper I got the clothes off the line outside.

DSCN9629 copy
A rose starting to open up in the front yard.

I did some laundry. I went with my parents to pick up my youngest nephew. He is spending the night so he can go to church in the morning (his mom is working). First, we had to dropped something off at my older sister’s. She wasn’t home, so we left it with her oldest. We then had to pick up some prescription medicine for my oldest sister. We picked up my youngest nephew and came home. I made the bed in the extra bedroom so my nephew could sleep in it. I needed some dark blue thread to work on a sewing project. My mom and I went to a couple of craft stores to look for some. We first went to Hancock Fabrics and they wanted over $7 for the thread that I like to use. We then went to Hobby Lobby and I found some for a little over $5. I had a coupon for 40% off at Hobby Lobby, so I got the thread there. My mom saw that they had patterns for $.99. We looked through the books to see if there was any patterns that we would like. I found a couple that I could use for my oldest two nephews and got them as well. My mom didn’t feel like cooking supper, so we stopped on the way home and got something to eat for us, my dad, and my youngest nephew. My nephew had stayed at the house with my dad while my mom and I went looking for thread.

DSCN9643 copy
A train as we were headed home after picking up my youngest nephew.

The message from July 13th was titled, “The Bible is a Gift from God”. Four truths about God’s Gift to us (The Bible) so that we might better understand it are; 1) God’s gift is God-Breathed (2 Timothy 3:14-27, Genesis 2:7, & John 20:22), 2) God’s Gift is Life-Changing (John 20:31 & 1 Peter 1:23), 3) God’s Gift is Easily Understood (Luke 24:45 &Psalm 119:30), and 4) God’s Gift is our Source of Encouragement (Job 23:12, Psalm 119:103, 147, Jeremiah 15:16, & Romans 15:4).
After lunch I was going to take my youngest nephew home, but first I had to drop something off at my oldest nephew. I went and dropped that off at his apartment then took my youngest nephew home (my mom went with me). On the way home my mom and I stopped at Wendy’s near the house (it just recently opened). We both got a frosty as well as one for my dad. I paid for them since I had some cash.

DSCN9659 copy
My cup from Wendy’s. I got a white chocolate frosty.

I did some laundry and hung it up in the basement because of rain. I went outside to check out the damage from the rain. A neighbor had damage to part of her roof and the tree branch (huge) was across her driveway. Part of our fence in the front yard had fallen down. I cleaned some in the basement. My oldest nephew came to pick me up to meet my oldest sister. My oldest sister needed my help and she took me home when we were done. When I got home my brother and his fiancé  had already dropped off the foster girls. They were going to a small group Bible study. I played with the girls in the playroom since it was wet outside. 

DSCN9672 copy
This is where the branch broke off the tree and landed in my neighbor’s driveway.
Her driveway is to the right.

I did some laundry and hung it up it the basement since the mowers were out mowing. I started cleaning and organizing in the craft room. I started making a bird feeder out of popsicle sticks. I did another load of laundry and hung it up outside (since the mowers were done). I started taking out a zipper in a jacket that a guy from church wants fixed. He wants buttons in it instead of a zipper. I read some in my mom’s swing. After supper I took the trash out.

DSCN9683 copy
A rose opened up all the way.
This is on the rose bush in the front yard.


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