August 16th–31st

August 16th – 23rd

My youngest nephew and I took my dad to the hospital to see my mom. We came back to the house and changed our clothes (we were wearing our pajamas) then went and ran some errands. While we were at one store, we saw that a nearby store was having a closing sale. We went to that store and got my mom and oldest sister a card and a small angel figurine each. We came home and ate lunch and then went and took the card and angel to my mom (and visited her a bit). We went back to the house for a bit then went and got some frozen yogurt. We then went to a park in town (not close enough to walk). My youngest nephew played hide-n-seek with some kids, then played with a soccer ball with a couple of them and their dad. He hurt his foot (he was wearing flip flops), so he played in the sand. We then went back to the house to wait for my brother, his fiancé, and their foster girls. They picked us up and as we were leaving, my oldest nephew showed up and wanted to go with us. We went to McDonald’s to eat. We let the kids play on the game machines there and then came back to my house. They all left and my youngest nephew and I play some games and after awhile we went and picked my dad up from the hospital.

DSCN8912 copy
My dad wanted a coke from the machine at the hospital and this is the one that came out when I pushed “Diet Coke”.

DSCN8919 copy
My youngest nephew playing around with his spoon after eating his frozen yogurt.

On August 17th the message at church was titled, “Has God Got A Plan For You!” and the text was Ephesians 2:1-10. Three ways that God is at work in our lives are; 1) God wants you to bury the past in the past (Ephesians 2:1-3, Romans 12:2), 2) God wants you to be alive Spiritually today (Ephesians 2:4-5, Galatians 2:20, Ephesians 2:8-9), and 3)God wants to design your future (Ephesians 2:10).
After church my dad went with my older sister and her family so that they could pick up my mom from hospital. My youngest nephew and I went to my house and waited. Shortly after my mom got home my nephew and I went to a park then went to get my mom’s medication from Walmart. They didn’t have some of them, so I will have to come back tomorrow and get them. As I was leaving (driving out of the parking lot), my oldest sister called and needed me to get some things for her. My mom called and needed some thing. I went to another store and got some things. I called my sister after I left that store and found out that I forgot something, so I had to stop at a store in the town where she lives. I took my youngest nephew home and gave my sister the things she needed then went home.

DSCN8980 copy
The sun setting as I was going home from dropping off my youngest nephew.

Happy 41st Anniversary to my parents!

I did some laundry and hung some of it up outside. I went to the library to pick up some items I had on hold then went and got my mom’s medication from Walmart (the ones they didn’t have yesterday).  I also got some other things that we needed. I came home for a bit then went and did an errand for my oldest sister. I went and got some supper for my parents and I. After supper my brother, his fiancé, and their foster girls came over. I played with the girls in the playroom for awhile then outside for a bit. My brother took his car when they left. After they left, I went outside and got the clothes off the line since it might rain over night.

DSCN8989 copy
The sky as I got the clothes off the line.

I did some laundry and hung it up in the basement since it rained and it might rain again. I made my mom some tea. I cooked dinner for my parents and myself (Chicken Nuggets and Macaroni & Cheese). I took out the trash.
I read Pioneer Girl and The Story of The Ingalls Family both by William Anderson. 

DSCN8996 copy
A new rose bud on the bush in the backyard.

I worked on some pictures on the computer. I made chicken with broccoli, cauliflower, and cheese for supper.

DSCN9007 copy
One of the Morning Glories that bloomed on the fence.

I did some laundry and hung some of it up outside. The sewer guys came over to clean out our sewer (our property manager was also here). I made homemade potato salad (my mom talked me through it) for the first time. I cleaned off the grates and the grill so that my dad could grill out.

DSCN9038 copy
This is what the potato salad looked liked when I was done. I think I cooked the potatoes too long.

I  made some cupcakes from scratch (even the frosting). I wasn’t very patient and the frosting didn’t thicken up. I fixed the back of a shirt for one of my brother’s foster girls. Then I did some laundry. My brother came here after work. My brother’s fiancé and the foster girls came here after the girls got their hair done. The girls and I played in the playroom while my brother and his fiancé went and got supper. After supper the girls and I played in the playroom some more while my brother and his fiancé went to the store.

DSCN9056 copy
The cupcakes that I made.

I went to pick up my oldest sister and youngest nephew, on the way I stopped at an ATM to get some cash out. We were going to a nearby town that is having a concert/festival. We listened to the concert and right after the concert there was an announcement that a storm was on the way (it wasn’t in the area yet, but we all needed to be careful). I got my nephew an armband so that he could ride as many rides as he wanted to. He rode one of the rides and then wanted me to ride one with him. I got some tickets then we got into one of the rides when the boss of the rides said they were closing because the storm was here. I got back my ticket. We then went and waited for the storm to pass. At one point my nephew wanted to leave, but I told him to wait it out and maybe he could ride more rides. While we were waiting a couple of the guys from the band took pictures with my nephew. We waited awhile under a tent and soon the storm passed and the rides opened back up. I rode a few rides with my nephew. I took them home then dropped off some things at my other sister’s house and went home. On the way home I stopped and got supper for my parents and I. 

DSCN9083 copy
During the concert someone lost a couple of balloons.

August 24th – 31st

The message from August 24th was titled, “The Church Being The Church” and the text was Ephesians 2:11-22. Two Biblical truths that will help us live in unity are; 1) As The Church We Are Connected (Ephesians 2:12-13, 21) & 2) As The Church We Are Responsible For Reconciliation (Ephesians 2:14-16).
After Church my brother, his fiancé, my oldest two nephews, and my brother’s fiancé’s foster girls came over for lunch. They brought Italian Beef and some other things for lunch. They visited for awhile (I played with the girls). I made supper (I think it was a Chicken Helper).

DSCN9292 copy
Tomatoes are starting to grow on the vines.

I went to the library to return some items and pick up some I had on hold. They were having a book giveaway (all the books that didn’t sale during their book sale). I got my dad some Tom Clancy books. I went to Walmart to see about my mom’s medication. For some reason her insurance is refusing it. I also got some groceries and gas. I then went and got some more groceries from another store. I came home and did a load of laundry and hung it up outside. I ended up going and getting them off the line since it was going to rain. I made pizza for supper. My brother and his fiancé dropped off the foster girls while they went to Bible study. I played and colored with the girls.  
On the 25th our new property manager told us that they want to “relocate” us and they want it done by October 31st. She said that she will be looking for a new place for us, but we should also be looking. UGG We just signed a new lease a few weeks ago and now she is saying that is null and void.  So, now begins the looking and packing.

DSCN9317 copy
A Morning Glory that bloomed along the fence in the front yard.

I cleaned out the toy box-I went through the toys and cleaned the box then took it outside to wash it. I did a load of laundry and hung it up in the basement. I made chicken enchiladas and corn for supper. I brought the toy box back inside and put back some of the toys. I separated some of the other toys to give to my youngest nephew and some to my middle three nephews.
I started reading Laura Ingalls Wilder by Ginger Wadsworth.

DSCN9332 copy
A new bud on the rose bush in the backyard.

I didn’t do much on the 27th. I read some. I cut the hamburger roll in half and put one half in the freezer. I did a load of laundry. I made Sloppy Joe and French Fries for supper.

DSCN9339 copy
Another Morning Glory along the fence in the front yard.

I did some laundry and hung it up outside. I read some. I went through a box in my room that had papers in it. I made Brats and Macaroni & Cheese for dinner. After supper I took a walk around the neighborhood to see what houses are available to move into (I saw two that I thought were owned by the same company we rent from).

DSCN9351 copy
The tomatoes are getting bigger.
[They never ripened enough to take them off the vines before we got our first frost in late October.]

I got clothes off the line because it was about to rain (it started to while I was getting the clothes off the line). I went with my brother-in-law to run an errand. Then when my brother got here, I went with him to run a couple of errands. We drove around and looked at a couple of places to rent that we had seen advertised online. We came home and I started making super (pig in blankets and Macaroni & Cheese).  My brother’s fiancé came with their foster girls and we all ate supper and hung out for awhile. After they left, I did some laundry.

DSCN9378 copy
The sun shinning while I ran my errand with my brother-in-law.

My dad and brother went to the college football game. My brother’s fiancé and the foster girls came and stayed here. I played some with the girls. My brother’s fiancé went to run an errand and then got some lunch for us girls (her, me, the foster girls, and my mom). The girls took a nap after lunch (my mom and brother’s fiancé, also fell asleep). I did some laundry and hung it up outside. After the football game was over, my dad and brother came back here. My brother, his fiancé, and the girls went home. I went and took something to my sister’s house. I went to the store to get some things and some gas. I stopped and got some supper on the way home.

DSCN9403 copy
The sun trying to shine through some clouds.

August 31st was my dad to help in Children’s Church.
I made chicken with broccoli & cauliflower & cheese.
I finished reading Laura Ingalls wilder by Ginger Wadsworth.

DSCN9423 copy
One of the roses in the backyard.

{I have been slow in getting this posted. Look for the rest of 2014 pictures/journal soon.}


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